IC Solutions: How Do You Even Talk About Them?

IC Solutions needs to be talked about, but the problem is it can be difficult to describe them because they are so awful. They are so bad, so nasty, and so vile; it can be difficult to even describe them in a way that is accurate and true to life. People probably wouldn’t even believe me, but if they don’t believe me, they should believe what other people have said online about this company. I’m simply the messenger in this situation and I’m passing along what they have said about this company and what they have gone through when dealing with IC Solutions.


They are hoping and praying that by using IC Solutions, they can talk to someone behind bars. A simple phone call is more than a simple phone call when it involves someone behind bars. They don’t take it for granted. They cherish every single second on the phone with someone that loves them unconditionally. They don’t feel judged. They already know every single thing they have done wrong, and they don’t need to explain themselves to someone. The person knows what they are going through, how they feel, and what they can do to help. After all, we need to be helping out people, even inmates.


They are human beings too, even if IC Solutions does not think of them or anyone else for that matter as human beings. That is the thing: IC Solutions only sees things in terms of money and how much of it can be obtained. It does not seem like they have settled on a number that is good enough for them. They always want a little bit more. They could be making money and customers happy as well, but they are not remotely interested in that. That thought never crosses their mind.