The Public Perception of Global Tel-Link

One of the biggest companies in the prison phone service industry is Global Tel-Link. They have continued to rake in the profits year after year because of their business model. However, there are many people who have questioned the ethics of the business model they are using. One of the main reasons why Global Tel-Link is so successful is the fact that they keep raising the price of their services. They know the inmates have no ability to choose a different phone company to do business with. Therefore, they do not need to worry about these inmates using one of their competitors.


It is because of this monopoly situation that many people have started to become very angry with the way that Global Tel-Link has taken advantage of the people who are their customers. There is no question that the public perception of Global Tel-Link keeps getting lower with each passing day. However, the company does not seem to be the slightest bit concerned with that fact. The simple fact is that Global Tel-Link knows that they can keep doing what they’ve been doing without getting into trouble with law enforcement. The public wants the government to get involved. However, the likelihood of that happening is very small.


One of the biggest reasons why the public hates Global Tel-Link is the fact that their high rates make it very tough for inmates to keep in touch with their families on a regular basis. Many inmates are not in a prison that is close to where their families are living. Therefore, the phone is the only way they can talk. Global Tel-Link has demonstrated that they are only concerned about making money. They do not care about the financial hardships they are creating with the inmates who are using their services.


GTL Seeks To Lower Inmates’ Call Rates For Ease Of Communication

In the field of correctional communication, Global Tel Link is among the best service providers. The high-tech communications company prides itself on being a leading service provider of its kind. When addressing issues of communication in the industry, GTL has categorically set itself apart as a company that focuses on some of the best gadgets. Often, GTL has been in the news headlines for all the good reasons such as coming up with technological devices that can help inmates in their lives. GTL understands that will strong communications channels, prisoners are likely to reform. That is why since its establishment, the company has continued to develop several communications gadgets.




GTL is not your typical company. The services provided cannot be matched to any other that a conventional company can offer. GTL thrives on its focus to develop prisoner’s world by allowing them to have a feeling of what the real world entails. GTL is focus-driven and goal-oriented. The company is qualified to offer its services in education, government and payment services. Often has this been linked to the development of more, better, advanced communications channels. GTL values its clients. That is perhaps why the company continues to rank at the top of the ever-transitioning industry.


The conclusion


For GTL, a lot is at stakes. There is more work to be done in terms of revolutionizing the industry. Most importantly, the company has been thriving on the fact that it’s advocating for lower calling rates for inmates. GTL believes that with low rates of calling, most inmates will access communication channels. For GTL, the focus is most importantly, on connecting prisoners, friends and families. With lower call rates, this will be possible. It is for that reason that GTL continues to establish strong communication platforms by using modern gadgets.


Wasting Money Every Week

Unfortunately, my father is in prison. We write letters sometimes, but phone calls keep us both going until his release date. Global Tel is the company that the prison uses to allow inmates to make phone calls. There are a few good things about Global Tel, but most of the experience that I’ve had with the company is bad. The customer service representatives are rude and don’t want to help you at all. Phone calls end abruptly halfway through the allotted time. I had to set up an account with the company to accept phone calls, and there was a significant fee that I had to pay just for adding money.


Each time I add money to the account, I must pay a small fee. Some people might not think a lot about this fee, but when you must pay it every week, the money tends to add up to a point that I could get gas for my car or food for my kids. I don’t mind paying the money, but Global Tel Link should come up with other ways of handling the company instead of making people pay so much money just to talk on the phone for a few minutes.


Global Tel-Link Is Leaving Inmates Penniless

Global Tel-Link has been vilified for many years for repeatedly overcharging the inmates being housed in prisons they provide phone service to. However, this unethical business may be causing a much bigger problem than making it more difficult for inmates to afford calls to their family members. The fees that Global Tel-Link charges are so high that inmates being released from prison have no money when they finally hit the streets. This creates a problem that puts both the general public and the inmates themselves at risk. Inmates with no money for food, clothing, housing and transportation will often resort to their old criminal ways in order to survive. Therefore, there will be more crime for the general public to deal with. It is also only a matter of time until the inmates are picked up and sent back to their familiar prison cell.


The added potential for parolees committing crimes as a result of being drained of their cash by Global Tel-Link has once again put the spotlight on one of the nation’s largest providers of phone service to prisons. What can be done to stop this cycle? It appears that nothing short of an intervention from the Federal Communications Commission will be able to change the way that Global Tel-Link operates. As of right now, they have not broken any laws. A lack of regulation allows prison phone providers to determine their own rates. This has resulted in a situation where many inmates spend all of the little money they have just so they can hear the voices of their loved ones who are unable to visit the prison. It is clear that something needs to be done. Prisoners are being set free every day with no money to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Global Tel-Link continues to make massive profits.

The High Cost of Calling the Imprisoned

Global Tel-Link is one of the most corrupt companies working towards solving the problems the inmates are undergoing in the industry. GTL is a telecommunications provider based in the United States. The company also offers a wide range of communication services in more than 66-0 state and federal prison facilities in and out of the United States. When the company was founded, no one knew they could amass benefits from dealing with achieved business solutions. This is perhaps the reason why they are seeking advanced tickets for a massive elections campaign. Global Tel-Link has exploited many people with their expensive calling rates.


According to their reviews in the industry, the company has taken over almost all the federal and state prison setups due to their capabilities in advanced business solutions. We are also meant to think that the company issues kickbacks and bribes to get their contracts signed in the prison setups. While this is true, few people have achieved the best through activated business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Ms. Anthony Kofalt, whose husband was imprisoned after stealing products from the Walmart Supermarket, spends more than $60 for a 15-minute call to the inmate industry. This is one of the most expensive calming rates in the industry. While this remains true, we need to formulate better ways of achieving success through active business solutions.


The aim of writing this article is to assimilate many people to rally against Global Tel-Link. This is because the company is stealing money from the people. Once a person charges their account with credit, they will not use the money if they are not looking for better business solutions. Perhaps this is the reason why they are seeking to achieve their independence from the industry. We need to send Global Tel-Link home before it causes more harm.


Global Tel-Link Is A Highly Reputable Inmates Communications Company

Are you trying to find a good jail or prison phone service provider? Want to sign up with a company that offers reasonable rates on inmates phone calls? Perhaps you have been told to check out Global Tel-Link.


If you are serious about getting great service at affordable rates, Global Tel-Link is the right company to join. Global Tel-Link has been in business for a long time and is well regarded in the industry.


It is crucial to check out a company’s ratings online, to make sure that their customers are happy with the quality of service they have received. Find out what specific products and feature the company provide to their customers.


These are important considerations when deciding on the right inmates communications service for your needs. Although there are many companies out there rendering various services related to inmates phone service, you need to keep in mind that some companies are better than others in terms of rates and customer support. That’s why it is extremely important to do your home work before choosing one. Global Tel-Link is a top rated company and customers are very happy with the services they’re receiving.


Global Tel-Link is one of the leading companies in the industry and has helped numerous families and their loved ones, save money on inmates calls. This reliable company has a great team and you’re sure to be pleased with their customer support and related issues.


If you’re ready to start saving money on prison or jail calls and are looking for a company that has your best interest in mind, then check out Global Tel-Link right away. Go to their website and have a look around, then follow instructions on how to set up you new account.


How Greedy Global Tel-Link Is Perpetuating Injustice

Recently, a lot of people have been raising alarm bells about the business practices of a telephony company called Global Tel-Link (GTL). A major player in the inmate communications industry, GTL provides paid telephony services for millions of jail inmates who have no other telephone options. Regrettably, GTL exploits their captive customer base. GTL’s per-minute rates are extremely exploitative. I hope that the FCC will act to rein in GTL’s clear excesses. It is unconscionable that this company is exploiting some of the most vulnerable members of society.


Until the correctional communications industry is more thoroughly regulated, inmates will languish. These individuals deserve better from society. I believe that when GTL gouges inmates, this undermines the presumption of innocence that is fundamental for a fair legal system. After all, a substantial percentage of imprisoned inmates are defendants who have not been convicted of crimes. According to our laws and traditions, these individuals are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. By cutting financially disadvantaged defendants off from telephone communications, GTL may well help undermine the foundations of our system.


Tragically, I have noticed that some of the people most impacted by GTL’s pricing are inmates’ families. After all, many inmates rely on their law-abiding relatives to pay for their phone time. It is especially heartbreaking to think of the children that are unable to speak with their parents. I really hope that responsible parties will do what they can to reform the inmate communications sector. After all, we all agree in principle that inmates have a right to communicate with the outside world. Fortunately, it seems that quite a few news organizations are raising the alarm about GTL’s crass practices. Over time, concerned citizens and journalists will shine as they protest GTL’s pricing. I believe the time for change is now.


Global Tel-Link Has Remained Profitable

There are many companies that are involved in the prison phone industry. Some of these companies are more successful than others. Global Tel-Link has shown a remarkable ability to make large profits in this very competitive industry. The company has contracts to provide phone service to a wide range of prisons that are located throughout the United States. There are many inmates who have a problem with the way that Global Tel-Link has gone about making their money. They have become notorious for charging fees for their phone service that many people consider to be unreasonable.


Global Tel-Link has shown a great ability to market their services throughout the prison industry. They have been able to secure coveted and lucrative contracts with many large prisons that have many inmates. Prisons want to work with them because they have a great track record of having dependable service with very few outages. They have received their fair share of bad publicity due to the high rates that they are known for charging. However, all of the negative press has not stopped prisons from wanting to do business with them. They continue to rake in the cash and make a substantial profit every year.


The way that the prison phone industry is set up is very advantageous for the companies that provide the phone service. Each prison only works with a single phone provider. This means that the companies know the inmates are basically a captive audience. Global Tel-Link and other phone providers can charge whatever they want without any fear of repercussions. The industry is currently not regulated with the exception of a limit of 25 cents per minute that has been placed on calls made to other states. There are no other restrictions on what these companies are able to charge for their services.


Politicians Don’t Care That Global Tel-Link is Ruining People’s Lives!

Do you know who are a bunch of bums? Whoever runs Global Tel-Link, that’s who!They take advantage of people who are in between a rock and a hard place by giving phone bills that are too high for inmate phone calls. Virtually nobody cares about inmates or their families, so Global Tel-Link can get away with this crap. There aren’t too many people sticking up for the needs of inmates and their loved ones. There aren’t really any well-known celebrities who are openly taking up this issue. It is as if nobody cares. There aren’t any well known social media campaigns talking about this issue. Politicians from all sides are not making this a priority. For those people who like to talk a lot of trash about our current president Trump out of some grudge that they feel for him, here is what I say: Hillary didn’t push this issue, either! She doesn’t seem to care, either! There are no big press conferences where you hear politicians talk about the problem of families being charged high prices and put into debt over phone calls to prisons. There has been a lot of talk about the rights of transgender people—which are very important—but, frankly, there are more people in America who fall within the demographic of either being imprisoned or having an imprisoned loved one than the demographic of being transgender. However, the rights of transgender people are being pushed while nobody is saying a word about the human rights of inmates and loved ones of inmates!


Global Tel-Link is the most obvious entity to blame, but it is highly ignorant to just blame Global Tel-Link because a lot of business people, facilities and politicians have a stake in the the profits that are raked in by ruining people’s lives, financially.


Too Much Money For A Few Minutes

One of the complaints that I have about Global Tel is that it’s a company used by prisons so that the prison can make money. Prisons that use this company get a kickback from the money that is made from each call. It’s no wonder my rate is as high as it is at $5. It means that I have to allow for one or two calls a week from my husband because I simply don’t have the extra money to put on my account. Prisons should use companies that are willing to understand the needs of families instead of those that are simply trying to make a profit. Read more about GTL on

I can have money on my account and still get nowhere with the calls that I receive. There have been times when my husband has called and the call is dropped only five minutes into the conversation. Thinking that I can accept another call, I am disappointed when I find out that the amount for the entire call is taken off of my account. This means that I no longer have those funds to use and don’t get to talk to my husband anymore that week. Read more on NYTimes to know more about GTL.

When I don’t have money on my account, there’s no way to know whether or not my husband is alright. I have to wait to get a letter. There are times when the letters that I send don’t get to my husband until a few days after they are delivered by mail. I worry about him most on the days when I can’t talk to him because Global Tel Link chooses to charge too much money. When I contact Global Tel, I’m out through to the worst customer service representatives ever who don’t know anything about the services that the company offers. I’m told something different every time I call the company. It’s a company that decides to charge whatever it wants and doesn’t care about anything else.

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