How Greedy Global Tel-Link Is Perpetuating Injustice

Recently, a lot of people have been raising alarm bells about the business practices of a telephony company called Global Tel-Link (GTL). A major player in the inmate communications industry, GTL provides paid telephony services for millions of jail inmates who have no other telephone options. Regrettably, GTL exploits their captive customer base. GTL’s per-minute rates are extremely exploitative. I hope that the FCC will act to rein in GTL’s clear excesses. It is unconscionable that this company is exploiting some of the most vulnerable members of society.


Until the correctional communications industry is more thoroughly regulated, inmates will languish. These individuals deserve better from society. I believe that when GTL gouges inmates, this undermines the presumption of innocence that is fundamental for a fair legal system. After all, a substantial percentage of imprisoned inmates are defendants who have not been convicted of crimes. According to our laws and traditions, these individuals are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. By cutting financially disadvantaged defendants off from telephone communications, GTL may well help undermine the foundations of our system.


Tragically, I have noticed that some of the people most impacted by GTL’s pricing are inmates’ families. After all, many inmates rely on their law-abiding relatives to pay for their phone time. It is especially heartbreaking to think of the children that are unable to speak with their parents. I really hope that responsible parties will do what they can to reform the inmate communications sector. After all, we all agree in principle that inmates have a right to communicate with the outside world. Fortunately, it seems that quite a few news organizations are raising the alarm about GTL’s crass practices. Over time, concerned citizens and journalists will shine as they protest GTL’s pricing. I believe the time for change is now.


Politicians Don’t Care That Global Tel-Link is Ruining People’s Lives!

Do you know who are a bunch of bums? Whoever runs Global Tel-Link, that’s who!They take advantage of people who are in between a rock and a hard place by giving phone bills that are too high for inmate phone calls. Virtually nobody cares about inmates or their families, so Global Tel-Link can get away with this crap. There aren’t too many people sticking up for the needs of inmates and their loved ones. There aren’t really any well-known celebrities who are openly taking up this issue. It is as if nobody cares. There aren’t any well known social media campaigns talking about this issue. Politicians from all sides are not making this a priority. For those people who like to talk a lot of trash about our current president Trump out of some grudge that they feel for him, here is what I say: Hillary didn’t push this issue, either! She doesn’t seem to care, either! There are no big press conferences where you hear politicians talk about the problem of families being charged high prices and put into debt over phone calls to prisons. There has been a lot of talk about the rights of transgender people—which are very important—but, frankly, there are more people in America who fall within the demographic of either being imprisoned or having an imprisoned loved one than the demographic of being transgender. However, the rights of transgender people are being pushed while nobody is saying a word about the human rights of inmates and loved ones of inmates!


Global Tel-Link is the most obvious entity to blame, but it is highly ignorant to just blame Global Tel-Link because a lot of business people, facilities and politicians have a stake in the the profits that are raked in by ruining people’s lives, financially.


FCC Proposes to Increase Caps on Inmate Phone Calls

After mere decades of playing a tug of war with the prison system’s communications leaders, Securus Technologies and (GTL) Global*TelLink, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has finally adapted a proposal to raise the caps on inmate phone calls from prison.

The bold decision of Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC to put forth this proposal is quite the opposite of what the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has been fighting for all of this time.

In fact, the FCC has garnered a vast amount of advocacy for the efforts they have tried to make in order to lower the caps and to make telephone communication from inmates to families much more affordable.

All the FCC has ever wanted is to propose rates that are “reasonable, and fair” in order to foster inmate relationships with their loved ones and families.

This does not come as much surprise considering the trouble the FCC has gotten into lately with their push to change the way inmates are charged for calls made from jail.

But, instead of lowering the cap they have been thwarted into an agreement to alter the previous cap between 11 cents and 22 cents to 13 cents and 31 cents in order to avoid more costly court battles and constant legal issues.

It is tragic and sad that the FCC has no choice but to succumb to the two inmate communications giants who claim that lower caps on inmate phone calls will significantly cut into their profits.

However, most would agree that the communication companies are just disregarding the bigger issues at hand so that they can continue to monopolize and earn higher commissions off providing their services to inmates in the American Prison System.

Since this decision of the FCC, an article posted on this topic at states that some prisons may nix the ability of an inmate to make phone calls, period. Those that want to do this claim that inmate phone calls made from jail are not a right,but are just a mere privilege.

For now, we will have to see what sort of controversy this stirs up and wait to see how it all pans out until the proposal is addressed on August 4, 2016.