KG to the Rescue!

Keefe food group has contracts in the county, state, and federal jail systems. There has been a string of reports about the treatment of these prisoners nationwide. In addition, the Keefe group has been documented for lawsuits against their state system. However, it is not easy to convince the good citizens that the prison system is super flawed and that they should care for they are people too.


With that said, the state systems have come up with a solution for this particular problem. Inmate services have become available for the prisoners so that they are not treated like animals but as normal humans beings trying to serve time.


The inmate services that are in contracts with the jail systems, otherwise known as, Keefe is responsible for the following services:


-Processing of inmate deposits

-Sales of prepaid debit cards and processing of inmate trust funds

-Music players

-Song downloads

-Commissary such as food, personal hygiene, tobacco, and etc.


Keefe Groups is the company for the correctional market. They are the nation’s leading supplier of food, personal care, electronics, clothing, technology, telecommunications, and software solutions. They have been established since 1975 with their products and packaging services.


In my honest opinion, it is a nice gesture to have a company look after the basic needs of a human being that is serving time in prison. If the time served in prison did not allow them to fully think of their misbehavior, then they should not even be let out. To give them the option of something to do that will ultimately benefit them is exactly like giving them another chance.


However, the Keefe group has wronged the business at one point. Though it was wrong, it was fixed and everything was going to be better for their business. Aside from that, they have added more luxury items to help them think more complex.


In conclusion, the correctional business has come a long way since the beginning of time. They have learned to treat them like people who need to be treated like a person, not like prisoners. The Keefe group has aided these jail systems with the products they offer for the people.





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Consumer Affairs Reviewers Weigh In on Telmate

Telmate, a company that provides services to inmates so that they can call and receive calls from friends and families, has many reviews on Consumer Affairs, a known review website.


Lawrence, from Worcester, Massachusetts, who is a verified reviewer and a verified buyer, gave them a one star review. He said that he used to think that Verizon had the worst customer service until he dealt with Telmate’s customer service. He said that he called them up to give them money but that they gave him a difficult time. He said that they deserve nothing at all and that giving them even one cent is too much. He said that when he tried to ask the guy on the phone to talk to his supervisor, the guy just blew him off.


William, from Bronx, New York, who is a verified reviewer, also gave Telmate a one star review. He said that they have told him that his refund had been issued but that he did not get this refund even after three months had passed. He called them back after thirty business days, and they told him that his refund was issued a week ago. He said that he did not get the money, and he says that they told him that he would have to send them his bank statement in order to show them that he did not get his refund. He told them that he would have to be an idiot to actually send them his personal bank statement, but they did not care. He said that he told them nicely that they might as well keep the money and that he would not use them again. He advises that you use another method, or if you do have to use them, that you only make small deposits to avoid the risk of losing a lot of money.


Kyana, of Victorville, California, said that they tell her the card is not accepted when she tries to make a deposit, but that they take the money anyway.


Telmate Is Throwing Phone Companies Off Course Through Cheaper Calls

The high rates for telephone calls being made from prisons are extremely bad for the inmates however it is also bad for those on the outside of the prisons, the perfect example is society as a whole. Through the use of phone calls made to loved ones, inmates that have a good line of communication with their families are proving to show a decrease in recidivism. The main purpose that officials work on with inmates is trying to teach them that the behavior have they have been participating in is considered destructive behavior.


In the past, for instance, during a 2012 endorsement, the Republication parties asked for a higher family-friendly policy which will help to also decrease the level of recidivism. This has a lasting effect on inmates as well as with society. The lasting effect is bad for society due to the lower levels of incarceration following an inmate being released from prison.


The hope is that through the use of government regulations, the hope is to limit the amount of money that people have to pay for the calls being made from the prison. The high rates of calls and the amount of money raised by the phone companies who are in charge of the contracts should be regulated so that families can keep in touch with one another.


For companies who are trying to help inmates and families, companies like Telmate, they are working to cut back on the amount of money that inmates have to pay for communication with their families. The cost of the calls being made by the prison should not mean that inmates families have to choose to purchase food for the family or pay to have access to the inmate. In this case, the inmate suffers as well as those who are on the outside.


Telmate will help you to remain in touch during the times when you are unable to visit your loved one behind bars. They will help you to be able to afford the calls as well as helping to ensure that the inmate is protected while on the phone by recording calls made and saving them on a cloud based platform.


IC Solutions

IC Solutions

IC Solutions is one of the most popular inmate calling companies in the country. IC Solutions has designed a company that offers services to help inmates and their loved ones stay in touch. Families have the option to create different types of accounts. The company also assists families in purchasing different phone services, using the voice message feature, and using the video feature for face to face chatting.The company is partnered with Access Corrections. This partnership gives families the chance to send attachments such as emails and photos through a specialized MP3 program. Funds can also be put into the commissary account of the location of your family member. The main mission of these companies is to make sure that you stay in contact with your family member. Listed below are some of the services offered:

  1. Financial Account (prepaid)
  2. Video Chatting
  3. Deposits to Commissary
  4. Option to send mail and photographs

Paying for IC Solutions

IC Solutions understands that every family is at a different place financially. There are a variety of different payment plans set up to ensure you and your family can still communicate at an affordable price.

Customer Support

IC Solutions has an excellent support team that is there to meet all of your needs. The team can be reached 24 hours a day. There is a customer service number, as well as an email address for your convenience.To find out more about IC Solutions, take a few moments to browse their website. There is also an FAQ page that may answer any questions you may have.

Telmate Communication Disappointing Customers with Poor Products and Services

Telmate Communication is the primary service provider of efficient inmate communication technology to over 300 correctional facilities in the United States. The company has been serving the correctional industry for over a decade and has seasoned experts and developers, who work round the clock to provide the best to the consumers. The company managed to pull its name amongst the best service providers in the country to the correctional facilities. However, the last few years have witnessed a rapid fall in the company’s market reputation to the deterioration in the quality of products and services being offered to the end users. It is imperative that the firm continues to provide the products and services to the customers in a consistent manner to be able to manage its market reputation.


In the world of heavy competition, every company has to be on their toe to be able to serve its customers to satisfy. Many new correctional companies have emerged in the past few years, and any lack offered by older companies would make way for the newer companies to replace them. The customers are looking for efficient services at economical prices, and if the older companies like Telmate Communication cannot offer it, the customers would be left with no choice but to switch their loyalty. The inmates are already troubled due to incarceration and being away from their friends and families, and they certainly don’t want more hindrance in their communications with their friends and relatives.


As a customer myself, I have used Telmate Communication’s services for last many years. I used to simply love the products and services offered by the company, but in the last few years, the level of efficiency in their products, as well as customer service, has decreased drastically. The customer service executives instead of listening to the plight of the customers harass them into paying more money and blaming them. Few of the reports suggest that the customer care executives were even rude and indulged in name calling, which is blasphemous in the service sector. If the company doesn’t take corrective measures soon, the customers would be forced to switch sooner than later.

Stop Expensive Inmate Calling With IC Solutions

Choose elite inmate calling with the reliable IC Solutions network. Are you currently experiencing a network who refuses to put your priorities first? Choose a network with great prices chosen $4 to $1 over their competitors. When staying connected over a reliable network is important you will be glad to be a part of their network. Get cheaper calls with superior quality because their innovative features help their customers save. They are committed to the highest level of quality assurance. You can find all of their features, and services clearly listed on their website.

IC Solutions Features

Enjoy great features with IC Solutions including their very popular tablet access feature allowing inmates to download mp3’s, downloads, and participate in approved video visits. You can get this feature off their website, or directly from an inmates commissary. They can also download games directly from their room. In fact, more customers are choosing to visit inmates securely over the internet instead of communicating to a correctional facility. If you’re on an inmates visiting list, eighteen years of age or older, and have a valid payment method you can visit online today.You’re invited to discuss your new, or existing account with an experienced IT professional today.

IC Solutions: Show Me Something To Like

I have a challenge for anyone that is reading this article: find me something to like about IC Solutions, the inmate telephone company. Can you do it? Have you looked all over the Internet and come up empty? That is likely the case. That is because there is not a single thing to like about the company that has made a home for itself on websites like Pissed Consumer and Rip Off Report.In my view, this is one of those things that not enough people are talking about on the news. I don’t know why people are not talking about it, but they should be talking about it and they should be talking about it right now. There is no time to waste and no time to delay. The time to fight back against this company was yesterday not today.

They have a single job to do and they can’t even do that job well, which is to allow inmates to speak to family, friends, and loved ones over the telephone. As far as the part where they collect money from them, they have that part down to a science. They are masters at that. They have collected a lot of money from a lot of people. As far as how many phone calls have actually gone through, that is a whole different story. Not many have gone through because IC Solutions knows that people are going to keep trying to get through, no matter what. They know the more that people call and the more that people put up their money to speak to inmates, the richer they are going to get in their pockets. They have mastered this game, although it is not a game to anyone at this point. It is real life.

Let Us Fight Keefe Food Group Company Corruption

Food Group Company is one of the few companies that strive to achieve the best business result for those seeking fast income solution with corruption in the inmate industry. First of all, Food Group Company has amassed a lot of deals and wealth from operating in the inmate industry. The main issue with the company is how they keep on gaining the business deals to operate in the inmate industry. Therefore, we might consider using some of our available resources to develop working solutions in a manner that depicts the true nature of the business world as Food Group Company sees it.


We are here to expose Food Group Company corruption in a manner that has never been exploited before. The fact that Food Group Company keeps on getting contracts to operate in the prison arena is a question we must seek to understand. However, we can achieve better business deals through agitated business capabilities in a way that is not anticipated in the business world. Many companies are out there with better service and customer satisfaction rates offering the same services as Food Group Company. However, they are turned down as soon as they apply to work in the prison area. This is one of the few things we need to address if we want to make our country a better place to live. The inmates are suffering. If we don’t take action in good time, we will never produce better people from the prisons. We will produce worse people than we sent them in prison.


The abuses and corruption experienced by the inmates can only be understood by those who have been in the system. For those of us who have never been to prison, we must strive to develop a new arena that seeks better business solutions in a manner that is not incapacitated in the business world. Keefe Food Group Company bribes the prison officials in a manner that keeps them in operation with the business industry. Many people are out there looking for business leaders who are not intending to assimilate better business through aggressive social needs that ruin the character of the oppressed.


IC Solutions: I Would Be Angry Too

There are many things lacking over at IC Solutions, and there are not words and not enough space to describe it all. One of the major things is their inability to respond to any of the issues the customers have. It is why they are on Rip Off Report and Pissed Consumer. I would be pissed too. In fact, I would probably be throwing things around the house and lawyering up. It is not that I’m unstable or unreasonable. However, putting myself in the shoes of the customers, I’ve paid for the right to speak to the inmate. I should be able to do that.I should not have charges on my account, sometimes twice, and yet I’m still unable to speak to the inmate I’ve prepaid to talk to in the first place. That is a major issue and a serious issue. It is not something to be taken lightly that is for damn sure.

The world has enough issues as it is and it does not need any more issues from the likes of IC Solutions. I don’t know how they have the gall to even use the word Solutions as a company name. There is nothing about them that signifies solutions of any kind. It is just problem after problem after problem. People have been catching on for a long time, and it is why they have decided to post their reviews. I’m not a parent, but my heart goes out to this parent. They are truly in a no-win situation at the moment. They don’t know what to do or how to handle it. They have lost money and they are no closer to talking to their son. It is just more headaches and more lies out of the mouths of the real crooks over at IC Solutions.

Gainesville businessmen admit paying bribes to Florida prison officials

Two businessmen based in Gainesville were arraigned in court for allegations that they dealt in massive corruption deals with the Florida state prison officials to secure business in the industry. Because the federal commission had enough evidence that could work against them, they pleaded guilty. They were both told to come after two months for a detailed hearing of the case to determine their personality charges. The two officials were also charged for engaging in corruption deals with the Keefe Food Group corruption as a way of developing new business clients in the industry. Aside from issuing paybacks to the state officials who granted them the business operational signature, they went on to develop a new way of business to issue Keefe Food Group Company with kickbacks because they allowed them to operate on their land. This means that Keefe Food Group Company has monopolized the inmate system with a wide range of solutions that cannot be capacitated in the industry.


The 38-year-old Joseph Arthur also appeared at the federal court on Wednesday. He was charged with corruption deals for issuing kick-backs to the Florida state prison officials in exchange of business deals. He was also charged with issuing kickbacks to other companies such as Keefe Food Group for an alliance that is meant to destroy the business deal going on in the inmate industry. He was also provided with a detailed evidence that could work for better business in a manner that is not capacitated for poor innovation strategies. James Crosby is one of the few people who never allow themselves to be known to the public for their massive corruption deals. While this is true, this time he has been caught. The two prison officials who dealt in business with the two Gainesville-based business men were laid off duty to pave way for further investigation.


The 64-year-old Edward Lee Dugger also entered the same plea after being arraigned in the same court to face the same charges with his business partner. Both men are expected to face their sentence in July. According to the federal commission, Crosby befriended the two businessmen in because he was rising in ranks at work.