Telmate – Leading Providers of Inmate Communication Systems

Telmate provides reliable inmate communication systems such as video visits, tablets, content, investigator tools, phones, and more. The company was launched in 1998 and started running its operations as experts in the provision of inmate technology. During this time, Telmate operated under the name Pinnacle Public Services. Pinnacle Public Services was founded to offer professional installation services to leading solution providers of inmate communications across Northwest. Telmate’s experience led to the recognition of the requirement in the industry for finer inmate communications solutions; one that offers centers with most advanced security and technology, incorporated with immediate client service and repair.

Telmate employs its creative solutions to not only meet the changing expectations of the corrections sector but also to better operational efficiencies. Telmate offers inmate communications solutions to centers of all sizes. These facilities include State Department of Corrections centers, city jails, federal detention facilities, county correctional centers, and holding cells. The company’s largest record in history houses more than 18,000 convicts. Additionally, the firm has also been established in over 300 correctional centers in North America spreading almost all Canadian provinces and U.S. states. The company has been recognized in North America as the leading providers of inmate communication solutions due to the company’s innovations in inmate tablet, video, phone, offender tracking solutions. Telmate’s growth, unlike its competitors, has been entirely organic and due to close relationships fostered within the company’s customers.

The company’s mission is to develop a technology that is secure and strengthens prisoners to break the cycle of making them re-offend while serving and protecting centers in their community.

As a company, Telmate is driven by ideas and devoted to doing more development and research than any other individual or company serving the corrections sector. The company is redefining on the methods used by inmates to pass information with the people outside such as family, and friends. Moreover, the firm is offering people with a communications platform to assist them to stay in touch.

The organization has the responsibility of giving protection to the local community they offer their services to. Besides, Telmate is a results-driven company with targets that are agile but realistic for the benefit of the company and its partners, whatever the difficulty that might arise.


IC Solutions: Unlikable and Crude

There is no need to play nice here or pretend. It is how IC Solutions likes to play it, but we don’t need to stoop to their level. IC Solutions is a horrendous company and a company that needs to be put out of business as soon as possible. The longer they are around, they are like a cancer and they are only growing and spreading. It is getting worse and it is not getting better. When someone has to deal with IC Solutions, it is terminal for them. As an inmate phone provider, they don’t do anything in the way of providing.In my years of dealing with random companies, banks, Internet companies, you name it, one of the things that has always driven me up a wall and made me very upset is service fees.

I’ve always tried to talk my way out of them or get them to wave them. There is really no need for them. It is just another way for a company to make money. Wouldn’t you know it? IC Solutions, has plenty of service fees and they also expire. Again, this is another moneymaking loophole on their part. It is clear as day and the customers are well aware of it.If there is another thing I can’t stand, it is bad customer service. As they often say, it takes a lot more energy to be negative and mean than it does to be nice. However, these are people with big egos that think their crap doesn’t stink. Because of this, they believe they can talk to and treat the customers however they see fit. Do they feel better for picking on these families? Does it make them feel like they are tough? In my eyes, it shows they are weak and they are lousy human beings.

Access Points Provided Through Telmate

The jail term among inmates differs. Some may face a couple of years in prison and soon be out. Others may be facing a life sentence and the thought of never seeing their families again may be devastating. Telmate is a service provider meant to keep both parties in communication. This helps build relationships despite the distance. Telmate offers services to city jails, federal detention centers and state DOCs. The service is deployed to over two hundred correctional facilities in North America. Telmate has been recognized as among the top service providers in North America. This is because of the close relationship the company has with its customers. Through reviews from customers, the company keeps growing.


Telmate provides the option of kiosks where family members can add funds to the account of a specific inmate. Cash and credit card payments are accepted. Receipts are provided after each transaction. The kiosks are durable as they are made of steel. In case of any damage there are in house engineers to fix the problems. The money sent to inmates can be used to purchase commissionary, phone credit and helpful reading material. Transactions that are made are recorded for the purpose of security. Information on who placed the cash and when it was done is always available.


Incarcerated people use phones designed for specific correctional institution. The digital phone system is managed using the Telmate web based administrative system. It is referred to as Telmate Command. The system enables the team to listen in on conversations and record them. Suspicious inmate relations are monitored and alerts made in case something goes wrong. Experts sample the calls to make sure they are of good quality. Inmates have the option of adding or reducing the volume as per their preference. Any echo coming from the vicinity can be canceled and background noises eliminated.


An inmate tablet is available. Communication is made possible through a custom built wireless network. Information being shared in and out of facilities is tracked and can be restricted for security purposes. All applications available have been approved for correctional purposes. This device keeps the users occupied and able to use their time more productively.


Global Tel Link — The Worst Company In The USA

There is no worst company in the world than Global Tel Link. I think most people hate their Internet and telephone provider but this company takes it to the next level. They do this because they secure a monopoly over the institutions that they serve. They specifically provide telecommunications to prisons, jails and correctional facilities.


And get this — the company is able to bribe state governments and prisons with something called a commission. The commission is a part of the bid that the company makes to get a government contract to become the only provider of telephone and Internet services to a correctional facility. They get to take a chunk of the profits that they make and kick it back to the people who make the decisions in the state government. It is legal bribery.


Once this company sinks its teeth into a correctional facility, it gets to charge whatever it wants. There is some weak regulation from the FCC that says interstate phone calls must cost $.25 per minute. But there is no regulation on in-state phone calls nor is there any regulation on fees. This company just jackhammers families with fees. There are fees to open accounts, fees to connect a phone call and even fees to close accounts.


And the families of the inmates must put up with this horrible treatment in order to communicate with their loved one. This horrid company is literally making $500 million per year off of love. It is exploitation at the highest level and somebody needs to speak out against it.


Prisoners don’t have much of a say in society. Felons can’t even vote once released from prison. But this vulnerable population deserves better and we need to urge our local governments to regulate the terrible practices of Global Tel Link.


IC Solutions: The Suffering Never Ends

When someone uses IC Solutions to reach someone in prison, they are in for a lot of suffering. One of the famous quotes from the horror film Saw 2 was “Suffering, you haven’t seen anything yet.” When customers are dealing with IC Solutions, there is a lot of suffering and based on what I’ve read, it is true: they haven’t seen anything yet.They are rated 1.4 out of 62 reviews. Ouch! People don’t like much of anything with IC Solutions and can you blame them? What is there to like? Is it fun getting ripped off? Is it fun not being able to speak to an inmate on the phone that is someone near and dear to their heart?

That is suffering and that is pain to the very core. It does not get any worse than that. It is brutal. Also, I think of the inmates behind bars as well. I might be one of the few people on the planet that does that, but I like to give them the benefit of the doubt once I have all of my facts straight. That is an important thing about IC Solutions and to remember: I want to have my facts straight. I want to know what is happening with the inmate and how they landed in prison. What went wrong? What path led them here? It sure didn’t happen out of the clear blue sky.I wish more people would take an interest in what is going on with someone and what is causing them to end up in prison. There needs to be less judgment and there needs to be more communication way and there needs to be more questions. That is how people get to the bottom of a situation.

IC Solutions: Are You Surprised?

IC Solutions is an inmate communications provider, which is something that not a lot of people are familiar with in the first place. First and foremost, that is OK, as I was not familiar with this process either. It is a inmate communications provider, as mentioned, which allows inmates to speak to family and friends over the telephone for a price. Since someone is in prison, it is not exactly like they can pay for the phone call or do anything in this regard. Because of this, they need help from their family and friends. The family and friends pay for the phone call and after they have paid, they are allowed to speak to the inmate. On the surface, it sounds cut and dry.However, IC Solutions as noted by many people on Pissed Consumer is not making things cut and dry. They are making them very, very complicated. That is because they know they have the customers right where they want them, and they love that fact.

That is something that brings them great joy and great happiness. They love to be in a position of power. When they are in a position of power, they hold all of the cards.The price of the phone call is something that people have taken umbrage with and I can’t blame them. There is no need to charge this high of a price. They look at it as supply and demand. If you want to speak to an inmate, pay this price. They are not in the mood for customer service or making the customer happy. That is very, very low on their list of priorities. It shows how far gone they are and all of the many things wrong with this company, which is quite a laundry list. It is depressing to read and hear about it, but people deserve to know.


Serious Online Complaints Have Been Made Against Telmate

Telmate is one of the major providers in the field of phone services for inmates located in the United States. There have been a lot of online posts regarding the services they provide and many of them have been extremely negative. One gentleman in particular feels they need to properly train their staff and is extremely dissatisfied with their services.


Apparently the problem began when he was unable to make a deposit on his sons account because it had been flagged. This was due to an individual using a card that had not been approved. Although he understood the necessity of taking care of the situation he can’t understand why everyone’s credit and debit cards are being blocked from adding funds to the account. After he called Telmate and spoke to a supervisor he was even more confused. He felt he was not given an accurate explanation and that the supervisor was reading from a book instead of answering his questions.


The gentleman is extremely frustrated and can’t understand the necessity of blocking the account and preventing anyone from making a deposit because of one card. Unfortunately his only other option is to use Telmate’s kiosk machine but state the machine is always broken. He is afraid to try a money gram to send money to Telmate due to the block on his sons account. Telmate is the only company who provides service in his area and is adamant that they need to change their current policies and provide better training for their employees.


Another dissatisfied customer filed a complaint for a loss of $34.20. They had used the services of Telmate to make a deposit in a commissary account at the Kootenai Jail. Although Telmate did take the funds out of the individuals bank account the money was never posted to the account of the inmate. The online post claimed Telmate is taking no accountability for the problem. The customer was referred to a number at the Kootenai County jail and although they have called the number numerous times the phone is never answered. The customer feels their deposit and service fee have both been stolen and unless they obtain legal representation they will not be able to get their money back.


Global Tel-Link Is Concerned About The Proposed FCC Decision

Global Tel-Link is concerned about how the latest order of the Federal Communication Commission will impact the industry of Inmate Calling Services. The new regulations will be placing caps on rates as well as fees for all kinds of calls, whether intra- or interstate calls. But these regulations do not aim to cap the site commissions. In fact, these discourage making payments to any facility administrators.

Global Tel-Link is of the opinion that such steps will lead to financial instability in this industry. This can severely impact the services in many smaller jails of the nation. This is why Global Tel-Link has no other option but to ask for a judicial review of this order of the FCC.

Read more:

Global Tel-Link does agree that the dissenting commissioners have genuine concerns. But it is also well aware that this is a short-sighted plan that will be highly disastrous. Hence all the stakeholders must partake in resisting it.

In fact, this decision will hurt the inmates as well as their families. It may lead to low rates per minute, but this can also mean low phone service quality or even no phone service. Indeed, providing technology, security, as well as commissions under the proposed caps is simply not possible. This is why it simply defies common sense by being impractical. Read more reviews on My Three Cents to know more.

This order has created financial instability in the Inmates Calling Services industry. As per the order, the rates will go below the cost of service for providers and hence it is not sustainable. It will have a crippling impact on service providers as they will have to cancel contracts. It will lead to the inmates along with their families being left without any service at all.

In addition, Global Tel Link brings cutting edge technology along with affordable phone services to various facilities across the United States. Hence this order will impact them immensely. Know more at

Is it true prisoners are money? Find out how much Keefe Group makes from prisoners

Keefe Group is an associate of Keefe Supply Company, advanced technologies group, access corrections, ICSolutions and Keefe Commissary Network. They are the main providers of food items, hardware, programming and telecommunication arrangements, individual care items, technology, and clothing to the correction facilities. Keefe Group has been putting forth these administrations since 1975. They spearheaded the development of correction products bundling and technologies to fit the requirements of all prisons in the nation.

Their objective and responsibility

Keefe Group guarantees that all their efforts come down to one goal, conveying quality and proficient administrations surrounding your own needs. They ensure that customers are constantly 100% happy with their policies. Their telephone lines are constantly open, you can reach them if you require knowing more about them. Read more news on

Items and services that they offer

Footwear items for detainees, telephone call services to prisoners, video calls for an inmate, and commercial services, for example like sending cash to inmates, banking, and distributing services to customers, health management services, TV and cable services, among others.

How much does Keefe Group earn from prisoners

According to contracts and payment records that were obtained through a public records request, Keefe received over forty million dollars in gross revenue. The fees were paid to Keefe Commissary Network for MDOC inmate services. The contract was valid from 5 November 2008 and has been renewed multiple times. The last time it was renewed was in 2011, and it expired on 31 August 2015. Chris Epps, the former commissioner, signed all contracts.


The services KEEFE is responsible for

  • preparing detainee deposits
  • Offer of prepaid debit cards and handling of inmate trust funds
  • They offer music players (MP3) to prisoners, $115, and sales tax. MDOC gets $15 per player sold.
  • They have the rights to offer tune downloads. The cost to the prisoner is $1.70 per download. MDOC gets $0.10 per download.
  • They have the right to provide commissary things, for example, foodstuffs, individual hygiene items, tobacco, and different things. Keefe paid a sales commission rate of 29.4% at state-worked prisons and 24% at private-worked state inmate facilities. Keefe likewise deducted 10% of aggregate sales sum for all “visitation sacks” sold every month. Read more articles on Blogspot about Keefe Group.

Telmate Communications – Offering Low-Quality Service that Continues to Deteriorate

The inmate communications industry is highly competitive and there are many companies that are operating in the market. However, one of the companies that made a huge name when it first started is Telmate Communications. The company was established in the year 1998 with the aim to help inmates communicate with their friends and relatives with the help of advanced technology. However, lately, the company has been receiving a lot of negative reviews and feedback online because the company has not been able to focus on research and development as it should. Even though the company claims to be the best in the business, the negative reviews of the customers speak otherwise.



Telmate Communications’ services have been deteriorating in the last few years, which are now getting to the point of unbearable for many of its customers. People are adding amounts multiple times to their calling cards to make calls, and even making the refund request. But, the customer service of Telmate Communications refuse to listen to the problems of the customers and instead of finding a solution, they only aggravate the problem. Many of the customers have complained about the rude behaviour of the customer service executive and how they would simply refuse any valid arguments about the refunds.



Telmate Communications has been keeping silent over the matters raised by the customers in the public forum. It is high time that the company focuses on research and development and improve the solutions and services they offer. It is because innovation is what would pave the way for the company’s future. In a service based industry, it is important for the company to provide exceptional customer service to win the customers’ trust. However, Telmate Communications seems to be failing heavily in this department.



Inmates and their families have to suffer the consequences of the poor service provided by Telmate Communications. Many of the customers are trying to raise their concerns online as well as with the concerned authorities, but so far nothing much has happened to rectifying this situation. Telmate Communications has gotten complacent over the years with its services, and it is clearly visible in the pace their customers are switching to other companies.