The Service Provider Telmate

Telmate Company is a service company which offers services in the customer service, listing of telephone numbers and corporate listing. The company is situated in the United States of America. Telmate Company provides information about consumers and rates the customers that have used the company’s services.



The Telmate Company has offered information about companies that are successful in the market from state prisons. The company has been able to address the conflicts of interests affecting the institutions. Preparations have been conducted regarding the contracts that are being signed at the institution.



The company has shown how contracts are awarded to companies with the largest amount of revenue generated from calls. Initially, the contracts should be awarded to telephone companies offering the best service or charging their respective customers the lowest rates when they are using their network.



Telmate Company has produced the report in order to expose federal communications that are banning commissions. This is aimed to reduce the rates charged for individuals in correctional facilities. The report has encouraged the local authorities who offer contracts, regulators of the state and the federal commission to have a glimpse of the practices that are going on at the institutions.



The report suggests that the society is related to affordable telephone calls. The communication enables activities to be undertaken well in the society reducing malpractices. Government and private institutions are losing opportunities due to the malpractices going on at the institution. The involved institutions that have been harboring profits include the American Bar Association, legislatures of the state and regulatory agencies.



The report suggests that people in the correctional facilities have the right to speak to their family members but are limited with the high telephone cost charges. The report further exposes that calls coming from correctional facilities are paid by family members. The calls are set up by a private telephone company which pays collectively for the calls or after the calls have been done.



The report suggests that reforms have to be conducted at the institution to curb the malpractices that are being conducted. The high commission which is being paid by the private companies leads to an increase in the calling rate per minute which is a disadvantage to other users. The prices offered in correctional facilities have a greater impact on the population.


IC Solutions

IC Solutions

IC Solutions is one of the most popular inmate calling companies in the country. IC Solutions has designed a company that offers services to help inmates and their loved ones stay in touch. Families have the option to create different types of accounts. The company also assists families in purchasing different phone services, using the voice message feature, and using the video feature for face to face chatting.The company is partnered with Access Corrections. This partnership gives families the chance to send attachments such as emails and photos through a specialized MP3 program. Funds can also be put into the commissary account of the location of your family member. The main mission of these companies is to make sure that you stay in contact with your family member. Listed below are some of the services offered:

  1. Financial Account (prepaid)
  2. Video Chatting
  3. Deposits to Commissary
  4. Option to send mail and photographs

Paying for IC Solutions

IC Solutions understands that every family is at a different place financially. There are a variety of different payment plans set up to ensure you and your family can still communicate at an affordable price.

Customer Support

IC Solutions has an excellent support team that is there to meet all of your needs. The team can be reached 24 hours a day. There is a customer service number, as well as an email address for your convenience.To find out more about IC Solutions, take a few moments to browse their website. There is also an FAQ page that may answer any questions you may have.

Keefe Group Participates In Conferences Through Exhibition and Sponsoring

Keefe Group is the leading supplier of food and personal care products, clothing, telecommunication, technology and software solutions to correctional facilities across the country. The Group has achieved this through its affiliates namely Keefe Commissary Network, Keefe Supply Company, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, IC Solutions, as well as Advanced Technologies Group. The company has been servicing the correctional market exclusively for close to 42 years. Keefe Group is famous for pioneering the evolution of products, packaging as well as technology services capable of meeting the various needs of correctional facilities all over the country.



Last year, Keefe Group was among the several companies that attended the National Correctional Industries Association conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that ran between April 17th and 21st. The Group’s decision to participate must have paid off well considering the many people who stopped the Keefe booth during the exhibit hall hours. A good number of people got the opportunity to sample the company’s new Whole Shabang Extreme Ripple Potato Chips and Peanuts.



As one of the NCIA conference sponsors, Keefe Group was able to network with the several industry professionals who were in attendance. Through a reception they organized at Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Hotel, Keefe Group grasped the opportunity to thank and appreciate its current customers for the excellent relationships they share, as well as business. As you would expect, Keefe Group did not waste the chance to engage prospective customers about possible mutually beneficial partnerships. The senior account manager of Keefe Midwest, Mike Pohle, participated in the Vendor Spotlight that offered vendors a platform to provide a brief description of the products and services they provide to the correctional facilities. With all this success at the conference, Keefe must have been excited to participate in the Tucson, Arizona conference in 2017.



The 2016 NCIA conference is not the only one that Keefe Group participated. The company also sponsored and involved itself in the National Sheriffs’’ Association Conference between June 25th and June 28th in 2016 – at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thanks to the ample traffic to the firm’s exhibition stand, Keefe grabbed the attention of the attendees who showed great interest in watching the demos of the vending machine which was making a first-time appearance at the show. Keefe got yet another opportunity to let its customers and prospects know about its various products including the Whole Shabang product line. Again, there is no way the company was going to miss the 2017 NSA conference in Reno, Nevada.


IC Solutions: They Refuse To Change

You would think that after everything that has happened with IC Solutions, all of the negative press, the negative reviews and unhappy customers, they would look in the mirror and change. They would really examine what is going on within the company and they would have a change of heart. However, they have crossed the line one too many times and I don’t think they can come back from this. They have buried themselves a deep hole, one in which there is no way out of it. They are stuck in this hole they have made for themselves. I don’t think they mind it, however, as it is had been quite profitable for them.They are an inmate phone company, which allows inmates to speak to family, friends, loved ones, and even therapists. I believe the therapists can be especially helpful to someone in a tough mental state.

It can really bring things into focus for them and allow them to realize what is going on and how they have landed in prison. As they say, it puts things into perspective for them. IC Solutions, however, does not have any perspective, whatsoever. They have lost that. They are only focused on the money and that is it. They are even making mainstream news as noted. People are finally speaking up, and I encourage more people to do so in the near future. The more people that speak up, say something, and do something, it will force IC Solutions out of business and it will bring another company into the forefront. That is exactly what needs to be done in this type of situation in order for any real change to occur in the long run. There needs to be some type of punishment for IC Solutions. They simply can’t get away with it.

Telmate Communication Disappointing Customers with Poor Products and Services

Telmate Communication is the primary service provider of efficient inmate communication technology to over 300 correctional facilities in the United States. The company has been serving the correctional industry for over a decade and has seasoned experts and developers, who work round the clock to provide the best to the consumers. The company managed to pull its name amongst the best service providers in the country to the correctional facilities. However, the last few years have witnessed a rapid fall in the company’s market reputation to the deterioration in the quality of products and services being offered to the end users. It is imperative that the firm continues to provide the products and services to the customers in a consistent manner to be able to manage its market reputation.


In the world of heavy competition, every company has to be on their toe to be able to serve its customers to satisfy. Many new correctional companies have emerged in the past few years, and any lack offered by older companies would make way for the newer companies to replace them. The customers are looking for efficient services at economical prices, and if the older companies like Telmate Communication cannot offer it, the customers would be left with no choice but to switch their loyalty. The inmates are already troubled due to incarceration and being away from their friends and families, and they certainly don’t want more hindrance in their communications with their friends and relatives.


As a customer myself, I have used Telmate Communication’s services for last many years. I used to simply love the products and services offered by the company, but in the last few years, the level of efficiency in their products, as well as customer service, has decreased drastically. The customer service executives instead of listening to the plight of the customers harass them into paying more money and blaming them. Few of the reports suggest that the customer care executives were even rude and indulged in name calling, which is blasphemous in the service sector. If the company doesn’t take corrective measures soon, the customers would be forced to switch sooner than later.

Stop Expensive Inmate Calling With IC Solutions

Choose elite inmate calling with the reliable IC Solutions network. Are you currently experiencing a network who refuses to put your priorities first? Choose a network with great prices chosen $4 to $1 over their competitors. When staying connected over a reliable network is important you will be glad to be a part of their network. Get cheaper calls with superior quality because their innovative features help their customers save. They are committed to the highest level of quality assurance. You can find all of their features, and services clearly listed on their website.

IC Solutions Features

Enjoy great features with IC Solutions including their very popular tablet access feature allowing inmates to download mp3’s, downloads, and participate in approved video visits. You can get this feature off their website, or directly from an inmates commissary. They can also download games directly from their room. In fact, more customers are choosing to visit inmates securely over the internet instead of communicating to a correctional facility. If you’re on an inmates visiting list, eighteen years of age or older, and have a valid payment method you can visit online today.You’re invited to discuss your new, or existing account with an experienced IT professional today.

All You Need to Know About Telmate Limited Liability Company

Telmate LLC is an inmate telecommunications company operating in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1998, Telmate offers exclusive services for inmate phone calls at all Oregon DOC facilities. Telmate has bi-lingual staff, and you can contact them at your convenience.

Securus Technologies Inc. Verses Telmate LLC

Securus Technologies Inc., a Dallas prison telecommunications company filed a lawsuit in federal court against Telmate citing unfair competition. Telmate LLC is claimed to have ill methods regarding the company and its CEO to get their clients. The methods used included defamatory lies and fake advertisements. They termed this as “flagrant and malicious campaign” aimed at destroying Securus’ business deals. Further, Securus accused the Oregon-based Telmate LLC of violating the Lanham Act of releasing malicious statements about its success to woe themselves clients.

According to the lawsuit, Telmate is alleged to have obtained 20 contracts with Securus former rectification center in a bid to provide inmates with phone services where Telmate and Securus were competitors.

Telmate aims to dismiss Securus from the business together with its CEO by demeaning the quality of services that Securus offers, invading the CEO’s privacy and defaming him. All these acts by Telmate serve as unfair competition in business and are contrary to the law.

Client Complaints and Reviews

There have been massive complaints and negative reviews from ComplaintsList .com. Some of these include flagging of accounts without clear explanations, unqualified staff, confusing and complicated website, unreasonable hikes in phone calls of up to 300% among others. In a move to get justice, Complaints list encourages people to report any scam activities, misleading communication, fraudulent and malicious activity at cost-effective rates. However, the complaints list also risk having false complaints posted on their site thereby wrongly accusing honest people and companies.

Complaints list also provides a platform that allows for discussions between companies and the complainant. There being two sides of a story, the platform also allows for company responses and useful information which can improve the consumer experience.


Telmate has been in constant war with Securus by engaging in malicious activities such as false campaigns and advertisements to steal Securus clients. The act led Securus file a lawsuit against Telmate citing illegal actions which are contrary to law. Many people have posted negative reviews and comments on Complaints List to expose scams and notify other people to avoid them. They also allow discussion between companies and complainants. Complaints List dedicates itself to providing ultimate consumer experience.


IC Solutions: Stay Out Of Jail

It should go without saying, but it is a wise choice to stay out of jail. It is not a place that anyone wishes to be in, that is for sure. However, if someone is in jail, they will learn that prison is hard, but IC Solutions is even harder on them. They are an inmate phone provider for families and friends to stay in contact with the inmate for however long they are in prison. I’m one of the few people in the world that actually feels for the inmate. In a lot of these situations, they are not awful people and they are not the ruthless criminals IC Solutions would have you believe they are. They are just troubled and they need a little help along the way.They have fallen down a dangerous path and because of this, they have found themselves in prison.

If they get help from friends, family and even a therapist over the phone, there is a good chance they can come out of prison and be better than ever. There are tales of redemption and second chances out there. IC Solutions does not want you to believe them, but they are out there and they do exist.These people can be cautionary tales and people can learn from their mistakes. They even go on speaking tours and talk about their experience and what they learned while in prison. First and foremost, they need the phone calls to happen, which IC Solutions is making harder and harder for the inmate.This is a greedy company with one objective: money. Of course I know companies need to make money, but there has to be a better way than this to get the job done. Why can’t they just go legitimate as a company?

Global Tel-Link Is A Highly Reputable Inmates Communications Company

Are you trying to find a good jail or prison phone service provider? Want to sign up with a company that offers reasonable rates on inmates phone calls? Perhaps you have been told to check out Global Tel-Link.


If you are serious about getting great service at affordable rates, Global Tel-Link is the right company to join. Global Tel-Link has been in business for a long time and is well regarded in the industry.


It is crucial to check out a company’s ratings online, to make sure that their customers are happy with the quality of service they have received. Find out what specific products and feature the company provide to their customers.


These are important considerations when deciding on the right inmates communications service for your needs. Although there are many companies out there rendering various services related to inmates phone service, you need to keep in mind that some companies are better than others in terms of rates and customer support. That’s why it is extremely important to do your home work before choosing one. Global Tel-Link is a top rated company and customers are very happy with the services they’re receiving.


Global Tel-Link is one of the leading companies in the industry and has helped numerous families and their loved ones, save money on inmates calls. This reliable company has a great team and you’re sure to be pleased with their customer support and related issues.


If you’re ready to start saving money on prison or jail calls and are looking for a company that has your best interest in mind, then check out Global Tel-Link right away. Go to their website and have a look around, then follow instructions on how to set up you new account.


IC Solutions: Show Me Something To Like

I have a challenge for anyone that is reading this article: find me something to like about IC Solutions, the inmate telephone company. Can you do it? Have you looked all over the Internet and come up empty? That is likely the case. That is because there is not a single thing to like about the company that has made a home for itself on websites like Pissed Consumer and Rip Off Report.In my view, this is one of those things that not enough people are talking about on the news. I don’t know why people are not talking about it, but they should be talking about it and they should be talking about it right now. There is no time to waste and no time to delay. The time to fight back against this company was yesterday not today.

They have a single job to do and they can’t even do that job well, which is to allow inmates to speak to family, friends, and loved ones over the telephone. As far as the part where they collect money from them, they have that part down to a science. They are masters at that. They have collected a lot of money from a lot of people. As far as how many phone calls have actually gone through, that is a whole different story. Not many have gone through because IC Solutions knows that people are going to keep trying to get through, no matter what. They know the more that people call and the more that people put up their money to speak to inmates, the richer they are going to get in their pockets. They have mastered this game, although it is not a game to anyone at this point. It is real life.