IC Solutions: Look No Further Than The Photo

There are a lot of liars in the world. People lie for various reasons. They lie to get out of things and they lie just because they can. Some people lie because they want to rip people off and they want to get something out of them. These are known as manipulators. In fact, it is a game for them. They want to see how much they can get out of people and the various ways they can get it. One company that has made its living that way is IC Solutions, the jail phone services provider. They are known for lying to their customers, left and right. The reason they do it is because they love money.

However, their love of money has gotten out of hand and it has reached a stage where it is a little bit too much. Let me rephrase that: it is way too much. In case someone needed to know more about them, all they have to do is read this link: https://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/ic-solutions-shady-fraudulent-company-20141224574304.html. There is a photograph which shows how IC Solutions ripped off a customer. They charged them twice and they were still unable to speak to the inmate. How is this right? How is this legal? These are all serious questions I have and I wish somebody would come out and answer them.

IC Solutions, though, is known for hiding. They love to hide and they love to shy away from questions. If they would have to answer the questions that are presented to them, chances are that people would not like the answers. There is simply no way to defend what they are doing. They are also known for dropped calls and when there is a dropped call, it is nearly impossible to get a second chance at talking to that person right away. To learn more about the company and their services, visit their website at icsolutions.com.


Global Tel Link Disagrees With The Federal Communications Commission Over The Proposed Regulations

Global Tel Link (GTL) is a leading provider of integrated technology for facilities across North America. The firm has its headquarters in Reston, Virginia. GTL offers its services to more than 50 percent of the inmates nationally, including 33 state departments of corrections, the District of Columbia, and 33 of the largest city facilities. Through their services, GTL connects prisoners with people and help with their rehabilitation. The company’s solutions align with recognized corrections’ best practices.
Last year, GTL expressed its concerns about the new regulations affecting the Inmate Calling Services (ICS) industry. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules that established caps on rates and fees for calls made within the state and outside the state. GTL promised to seek judicial review of the FCC’s order. The new rule would likely lead to financial instability in the industry. Moreover, many small jails are likely to suffer from insufficient telecommunication services.

In a report published by PR News, GTL Chief Executive Officer, Brian Oliver, said that the decision of the FCC would cause serious harm to inmates and their families. He continued by saying that the lower per-minute rates would lead to poor phone call quality and bad phone services. Oliver stated that the FCC’s actions were profoundly naïve. In the long-term, the proposed regulations would lead to an increase in overhead costs and cancellation of contracts between prisons and telecommunication providers.

Oliver stated that his company was willing to collaborate with other service providers in the industry and the FCC. He lamented that he felt betrayed by the FCC because they turned their back on their partnership. GTL has always advocated for a balanced approach that would address fees, rates, and commissions. Oliver concluded by saying that GTL would continue to seek a fair outcome that would work for all parties involved. For more information, watch the YouTube video that discusses the alleged wrong doings of GTL.



How Does The Keefe Group Help Our Ministry?

We have a ministry that does a lot of work with a lot of people. We are working with inmates in our area, but some of the jails are far away. They are so far away that we cannot get to them very often, but we do want to offer something that works for everyone. We discovered through correction.com that the best way to handle this is to work with the people at the Keefe Group. We were able to start an account quickly, and then we got all the inmates that we work with on the list to make calls. It is very easy for us to make the calls, and all of us have the same calling information so that we can check in with all the people that have committed to work with our program.
The program that we have has a lot of ministry that can be delivered over the phone. The problem is that we cannot give the ministry if the calls are not reliable. We are very happy with the fact that we are now working with Keefe Group because we have never had a call drop on their line. We make calls out all the time to talk to someone who needs out help, and the calls will stay on the line until we are done talking.

I feel very safe with Keefe Group because they have made it easy for me to make the prison phone calls I need, and I am very impressed with the fact that the company is able to make the technology so solid. We have been able to make the most of our time with every inmate because of the service, and we have been able to make calls routinely because we know that they will always go through.


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After investing millions last year, Ohio officials attempt to shut down state facilities.


Ohio has picked a fight with a state civil service union over the potential statewide closure of tax funded penal facilities. The state has implemented the use of ‘prison farms’ for the better part of a century. Such facilities are an essential arm of the prison system in Ohio. Convicted felons are taught marketable skills at the farms, that will have been an aid in the turbulent transition from incarceration to free life. Prisoners and the civil servants working closely with them were essential in the projected tripping of the meat and dairy production in the state, after 9 million dollars in 2015 were funneled into the facilities in which they labored. The Ohio Civil Servant Association (OCSA) speculate the move may be political, after the state,just last year, invested 9 million dollars into prison farms in the state. Big food lobbyists stand to earn significant new contracts while slashing their competition. Closures are halted until mid month due to an injunction filed by the union force. The immediate shut down was deemed a breach of contract, requiring sufficient notice of any significant changes in the structure of operations. A spokesperson expressed skepticism that motivations for shutting down these facilities were safety related caused by an influx of contraband within the camps.