IC Solutions: They are Cold

In life, it is important that we follow the golden rule. As a matter of fact, I would argue it is the most important rule out there. We need to follow it, stick with it, and make sure we are being good to one another. When we are good to one another, good things happen for us. IC Solutions is not following the golden rule and good things are still happening for them. It bothers me. It feels like the bad guys are winning and in life, the bad guys should not win. They should be losing left and right. After all, rules were put in place for a reason. If we didn’t follow rules, the world would be total and utter chaos.

IC Solutions is a company that is making news all over the Internet. As a matter of fact, if you Google them, you will find a lot of unsavory material on them. It is scary stuff, as a matter of fact. They have ripped off parents, for one thing. Now, when a parent is trying to reach their child that is behind bars, they are in a desperate situation. If there is one thing that IC Solutions loves, it is a desperate situation.

They are like sharks in the water that smell blood (http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/corruption-within-inmate-calling-and-prison-services-for-inmates-and-families-20150817684649.html). They go right after it and they do not hold a single thing back. You have to wonder what kind of people they are and how they are able to function in their day-to-day lives. Most people would feel terrible about this and some sort of regret. It seems like IC Solutions just keeps on trucking without paying attention to this sort of thing, at all. It’s really heartbreaking for the inmates and their families as they are just looking to keep their head above water during these difficult times they are experiencing.


Global Tel-Link Charges You a Fortune

Uh oh! Your loved one has just been imprisoned for a crime, and it will be years until he or she comes home again. You could visit your loved one, but your loved one lives hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of miles away. What will you do? Here is an idea: call your loved one up on the phone! Wait a second. Prison phone calls cost a fortune. You do not want to go into debt. You are not rich, and perhaps you are living from paycheck to paycheck. You need to contact your loved one, though, and you have a burning desire to hear his or her voice. What will you do?

Well, there is no easy answer to this question. Prison phone calls are way too much money. A fifteen minute telephone call through Global Tel-Link can cost as much as $17.00. There are tons of flat fees. There are even flat fees charged to add money into your account to pay off flat fees! If you get too carried away and have normal, frequent conversations with your loved one over the phone, you may quickly rack up a phone bill with Global Tel-Link that is worth thousands of dollars. There is no way around this. The system is set up to rip people off. It seems that not much is being done on the part of lawmakers, which is not surprising because Global Tel-Link has sunk it’s tentacles into politics. However, many people outside of Global Tel-Link are profiting off of high cost phone calls, and should also be blamed. Detention centers make a pretty hefty profit from expensive phone calls because they enter contracts with phone companies where the phone companies are obligated to give big kickbacks from revenue. Sometimes, phone companies are even required to give more than just kickbacks.https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Global-Tel-Link-Reviews-E298496.htm

Enjoy Superior Correctional Services With The Keefe Group

Customers have the option of superior inmate calling features with the Keefe Group which will cost them less than competitor prices. Being a member of the American Correctional Association gives them credibility with their customers and offers them the highest standard in inmate packaging and services. You can get name brand food products and products with ingredients for all skin types. Enjoy premium calling options with your loved ones in a correctional facility. Family’s of the ones locked in a correctional facility have complained about the rising costs of inmate calls. The Keefe Group provides a reliable solution to inmate calls for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

The Keefe Group provides services unmatched by other big names including services that eliminate the need for third party authorization and more. You can speak to a friendly customer service professional for more details on services and products. They will give you the option of ordering many services discreetly over the phone or give you access to their official website. You never have to leave home and this features is a favorite among out-of-state and disable residents. Customers must be legal adults over the age of eighteen and have a valid checking or debit card to order services and products.

Keefe Group Products & Services

Inmate Voicemail

Enjoy the inmate voicemail feature which allows inmates inmates to receive and retrieve messages. They receive an inmate access code that allows them to check their messages. You can call them at anytime and tell them about the progress of other loved ones. Inmates have said, this feature makes them feel independent and helps them prepare for a life outside of the correctional facility.

Remote Visitation

If you’re disabled, you can visit the ones you love over the internet for a one time processing fee, each time you remotely visit your love ones in a correctional facility. You must have access to the internet and a compatible device to download their application.


Global Tel-Link Is Only Part of The Problem

Already, the hassle of something going wrong, being arrested, going to court and being imprisoned can be a hugely tiring and traumatizing experience for inmates. However, it is also a very traumatizing and tiring experience for the loved ones of imprisoned people. It couldn’t get any more worse than that, right? Wrong! To make matters worst, people are barred from calling their imprisoned loved ones unless they agree to pay outrageous phone bills for not enough time. People who have not gone through the experience of being imprisoned or having a close loved one who is imprisoned may not understand this problem or may not think that it is of high priority. Another reason why people may not consider this to be a high priority problem is because of the fact that a negative stigma surrounds people who are imprisoned, as well as their families. People who are imprisoned are thought to “deserve” anything negative that comes their way. Any suffering that their families feel may be lightly shrugged off as being rightful consequences, or perhaps the faults of the inmates. Also, relatives of inmates may be stigmatized as being “trashy” and undeserving. In reality, they are just innocent individuals who happen to know people close to them who are imprisoned.

Global Tel-Link is a company that relies on these negative stigmas that the general population believes in order to price gouge the enlightened ones who have imprisoned relatives or friends. They provide expensive phone service for prisons and jails so that people can call their imprisoned loved ones. There can be a whole, legitimate argument written to demonize Global Tel-Link. However, Global Tel-Link is only part of the problem. Jails and prisons are the ones who choose phone companies. They choose based off of which company they can squeeze the most kickbacks from. This encourages phone companies to put the most price gouging, unethical practices in place.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-tel-link-gtl-issues-inaccurate-press-release–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html

Keefe Group Handles Inmate Communication

A lot goes into communicating with someone who is being held in a correctional facility. There are many different ways to reach out to these individuals. However, the activities must be closely managed due to the unique circumstances. Keefe Group is able to provide correctional facilities with a format that relieves the pressure of managing inmate communication. Modern forms of technology are available to help prison staff control the volume of messages, as well as the type of content that is being sent back and forth. Software is available to track the type of communication habits that detainees will develop over time.Learn more about Keefe Group on STL Today

Mail is a comfortable form of communication for those who are separated by distance and other obstacles. Keefe Group has a secure mail operating system. It filters the information that is being received in order to identify key words and phrases for the safety of everyone in the facility. After approval the content is downloaded and sent through the inmate kiosk. There is no charge for this service. The hardware is provided as well as the software and technological support.

A secure mailing system reduces the risk of contraband entering the facility. The Keefe Group messaging system is also able to translate mail from Spanish to English. Facilities who choose to use this service can attach a fee for the inmates and their contacts on the outside. The extra revenue provides funding for correctional facilities to perform other critical duties that go with managing a volatile situation.

Messages are saved at all times in order to assist with future investigations that may be necessary. It is important for prison facilities to maintain a sharp awareness of how detainees are using their communication privileges. Read more on tampabay.com about Keefe Group.

The Enforcer system allows for vocal communication. It is browser-based, which means that it can receive calls online. It provides supreme information tracking ability. This helps with huge investigations that are derived from communication activity. The system supports collect calls, debit prepaid calls and payment plan options. This is like giving a verification code, which assist with the authentication process. There is 24 hour technical support available for clients who have serious questions about the nature the operation.

Visit: https://www.kununu.com/us/keefe-group

GTL agrees with activists, inmate calling is good for society

One of the less surprising findings to come out of sociology in the last decades is that recidivism and failure to reintegrate to society upon release are directly correlated to the degree to which inmates are isolated from pro-social experiences and people, while they’re incarcerated. Inmates who only have the opportunity to interact with other convicted felons, over a period of years to decades, have extremely little chance to successfully reintegrate to society when they’re finally released. This is especially true for inmates who become programmed, or accustomed to a routine while incarcerated, to take part in antisocial prison activities, such as gang banging or making money illegally, rather than using the time to educate themselves and find constructive vocations. Learn more on action.aclu.org about GTL.

Inmate calling plays a crucial role in all of this because it allows inmates constant access to law-abiding and well-adjusted citizens on the outside of prison. The ability to maintain meaningful social relationships with those on the outside of prison can significantly reduce the chance that the prisoner will become habituated to the prison environment to the point of coming to rely on it, a process which penologists refer to as institutionalization. Read more reviews at globaltellinkreviews.com

One of the most important ways that prisons and the companies that provide calling services in them can ensure that inmates are able to maintain those crucial, pro-social relationships is through the offering of outgoing phone calls at reasonable and affordable rates. That is why companies like Global Tel Link, the largest provider of inmate calling services in the United States, have worked hard to bring cost-lowering technologies, like VoIP telephony, into the country’s prisons.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-tel-link-gtl-issues-inaccurate-press-release–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html

By keeping point of sale costs low, GTL is helping to ensure that today’s inmates will be able to make the transition into becoming tomorrow’s productive citizens. Read more about GTL on NYTimes.

The Fight for Affordable Prison Calls

Every week, without fail, while Ulandis Forte was incarcerated he would speak with his grandmother, Martha Wright. As the years wore on, he realized that other inmates did not make or receive as many calls as him. In fact, Forte observed that inmates over time tended to communicate less with the outside world. While this could be for a number of reasons, it wasn’t until his grandmother, a middle-class retiree, told him how much of a financial burden the calls truly were, yet she refused to limit contact with her grandson. Instead, she reached out to the DC Prisoners’ Project and began seeking legal action, spearheading a group that brought about a class action suit against inmate phone companies and the Corrections Corporation of America, according to The Verge. In 2001, the lawsuit stagnated once a judge decided the petitioners would need to seek change with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). However, this did not stop Wright and fellow supporters. They called upon the FCC to limit rates to $0.20 a minute for cross-state debit calls and $0.25 for collect calls. It wasn’t until Mignon Clyburn was appointed as interim chairwoman of the FCC in 2009 that the tides began to turn. She saw the struggle as another provocation against the poor and sought to change it. That same year, the commission passed new laws limiting collect calls to $0.25. Of the FCC’s decision, Clyburn said, “This all began with one Washington, DC grandmother, Mrs. Martha Wright, who spoke truth to power in 2003, and reminded us that one voice can still spur a movement and drive meaningful change”. Upon being released after almost 20 years, Forte credits his seamless reintegration to the contact he was able to maintain with family during his incarceration.



Communications Technology to Those with Limited Freedom

Technology has begun to invade the prisons of Ohio. Communications companies have been trying to come up with new ways to make money while connecting inmates with individuals in the outside world for less. Here are a few of the solutions that they have come up with.

Inmate E-mail System

JPay has been changing the way inmates communicate and have been looking for new ways to make the system work better in such a dark world. They have installed kiosks around the state for prisoners to log on to and send e-mails. The technology is faster than regular mail and cheaper as well. If you are an approved visitor you can connect with your loved one during a half hour video visit through these kiosks as well.

Trial Fun for Loaning out Tablets

One prison in Ohio has begun lending all its inmates tablet like devices that allow them to make 30 minute phone calls. This is a trial to see how it goes and possibly will happen in more prisons in the future. The benefits? No waiting in long lines for phones. Many fights in prison are caused because of the phones. A common statistic for low-level prisons is about 150 inmates having access to three telephones. Inmates can make 15 minute calls then must wait at least one hour to make another 15 minute call with the actual phones while on the burrowed tablets they can make half hour calls as often as they want. This means not only that the phone company can make more money, but that there are less fights when it comes to gaining access to the limited quantity of phones and available times to call.

Jay has been continually trying to give more ways to communicate and keep in touch with loved ones for inmates. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

IC Solutions: Why I Love It

I often look at different options for communicating with friends in family behind bars, and I’m really impressed with IC Solutions so far. It’s a service for inmate telephone communication and it lets me keep in touch with friends and family. It lets you create an account to access jail phone services, leave voice messages for your family, and even chat in real time with video tech.
Some really key offerings by the company are:

-Automated Information Line: this service lets you hear automated responses to commonly asked questions about inmates and family members. I can even know the bond amount, court dates, and upcoming release dates.

-Inmate Voicemail: inmates are alerted to new messages they receive. They can also listen to those messages at any time.

-Flexible Calling: IC Solutions has a ton of different calling options, which is great for me and family members who are in jail.

-Kiosks: the IC solutions kiosked can accept money from inmates securely, which makes it really easy for them to reload minutes and other balances.

-Excellent Deposit Options: it’s no problem to increase the amount of cash the inmates can spend with online deposits or even phone deposits.

-Customer Service: whether I had a problem with my prepaid account, account setup, payments, billing issues, or any other questions, there was always 24/7 support to help me out.

Account Types On Offer:

Debit Phone Account: this account is really easy to get setup. Using a debit card, the inmate can make a call to any phone number.

Prepaid Account: This is great if you want to be able to accept calls when otherwise you wouldn’t be able to. The option lets you accept calls from the inmate when:

-It’s a cell phone
-The phone company doesn’t bill for collect calls
-The number has gone over the spending limit of collect calls.

Collect Calls: if the number is approved, then the inmate can make the call to the number. Then that call will be billed to you. You can also pay in a number of different ways, from phone, to online (https://www.icsolutions.com/) to sending a check or money order in. read more about IC Solutions on Ripoffreport.com.


Who Really Pays For Inmate Phone Calls?


This is a very big debate that has been going on across the nation. There are some who view inmate phone calls as a blessing. Others view it as a curse. In order to fully understand both sides, we must first break it down.


Most of the time a person goes behind bars due to something bad they have done. Over the years the prisons have been somewhat “non-commital” on the phone call issue. Some prisons do not allow it, They say it will hike up the costs, and there are many who don’t want to deal with the extra money.

There are others who are support it. Many of these people come from families. Their families are sending out care packages, money and other things to support the people they love. These calls help to keep some of these men and women out of trouble. In many ways, these inmate communication options become a blessing.


There are many who are against this topic from the start. As this article stated, it puts the debt of these calls onto the hands of the poor people.

“Most of us are just surviving. Most of us are just barely making ends meet as it is. To put this burden on us us like adding insult to injury. How are we supposed to pay the taxes on these calls, when we can barely keep $25 in our savings account”?

This is just one of the many arguments you will hear from people on this side of the fence. Some have asked why the FCCC can’t pick up the bill. Usually, their response lies somewhere in the middle of the statement below.

“We try to put a fund aside to pick up this tab. Unfortunately, this doesn’t end up well. The money gets allocated to other things instead. We always make the argument, but somehow we get the run around. I think they just come with an excuse not to use those funds for what they are intended for”.

It’s an ongoing battle. Should the prisons be picking up the tab? Should the tab be placed on the poor Americans who can barely make ends meet? This argument has been brought up before and it will be again. The only difference is the prisons are waiting for an actual answer, not the normal excuse ring they find.