The Steep Cost of Prison Calls

In a recent article by CNN, it has been revealed that the cost of jail and prison inmates face for making phone calls to their lawyers and family member far exceeds what the average person may think. Dabid Goldman, a reporter for CNN reports that the cost in many federal and state prisons can range on average from 11 to 14 cents per minute. At first that may not sound like but very much. However, if you do the math, that mean that inmates and their loved ones are spending as nearly fifty dollars for each time that they talk for just half an hour. Doing so a few times a week can add up to a very stiff bill for staying in touch. In addition to that, some of the companies that provide the communication services will tack on an additional fee, further adding to the surprising costs.

Recently, the federal government has taken a lot of notice to the costs that are being imposed on the prisoners and their families by the communications companies to make and receive calls. As a result, the government has decided to step in by writing new federal regulations that will prevent the communications companies from being able to price gauge the prisoners on the cost per minute to talk.

Some of the prisoners are lucky in the way that they have families with a lot of money and resources to be able to pay for the steeply priced phone calls. However, the sad reality is that many of them do not. Statistically, those that have ended up in federal prisons and jails have done so as a result of being raised in an under-privileged situation. The result is that many prisoners are leaving prison with a lot of debt from the calls.

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