Global Tel-Link Charges You a Fortune

Uh oh! Your loved one has just been imprisoned for a crime, and it will be years until he or she comes home again. You could visit your loved one, but your loved one lives hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of miles away. What will you do? Here is an idea: call your loved one up on the phone! Wait a second. Prison phone calls cost a fortune. You do not want to go into debt. You are not rich, and perhaps you are living from paycheck to paycheck. You need to contact your loved one, though, and you have a burning desire to hear his or her voice. What will you do?

Well, there is no easy answer to this question. Prison phone calls are way too much money. A fifteen minute telephone call through Global Tel-Link can cost as much as $17.00. There are tons of flat fees. There are even flat fees charged to add money into your account to pay off flat fees! If you get too carried away and have normal, frequent conversations with your loved one over the phone, you may quickly rack up a phone bill with Global Tel-Link that is worth thousands of dollars. There is no way around this. The system is set up to rip people off. It seems that not much is being done on the part of lawmakers, which is not surprising because Global Tel-Link has sunk it’s tentacles into politics. However, many people outside of Global Tel-Link are profiting off of high cost phone calls, and should also be blamed. Detention centers make a pretty hefty profit from expensive phone calls because they enter contracts with phone companies where the phone companies are obligated to give big kickbacks from revenue. Sometimes, phone companies are even required to give more than just kickbacks.

The Keefe Group Has an Unintentional Lesson About Food

I’ve started being a lot more careful with my meals. There’s so many news stories stressing the physical and psychological importance of nutrition that it seemed time to makes some changes for the better. However, this is also why I was shocked to read a prisoner’s first hand accounts of his diet. Part of why I’m so careful with my diet these days is due to a strong drive to become the best person I can be. In theory at least, that’s what the penal system is trying to do with prisoners as well. I’d always just assumed that prison food would be chosen based on the latest scientific research. Know more about Keefe Group on

The prisoner instead put emphasis on a private company by the name of the Keefe Group. That seemed rather odd to me. After all, prisons are a government funded system. It seems strange that a private company would even be involved with selling anything to prisoners. Let alone selling food to them.

What’s even more worrisome is that the food sold by the Keefe Group is the kind of thing that they’re going to look forward to all day. Anyone who’s been in a hospital knows how desperate people get for real food after a while. The bland hospital fare is actually a step up from the lack of taste found in most prison food. Prison food is healthy, but also made to minimize any risk of medical complication. Basically anything with even a slight chance of provoking allergic reactions, aggravating ulcers or conflicting with dietary restrictions won’t make it to the prison cafeteria. There’s an underlying assumption that private companies like the Keefe Group will pick up the slack as far as actual taste goes. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times

The Keefe Group, in turn, has seized on the perfect opportunity to grab a captive market. They’ve realized that they can sell almost anything with a bit of taste to it at outrageous prices. Typical prison contracts allow for exclusivity in service. As such, the Keefe Group never has to worry about anyone else selling higher quality food at competitive prices. The end result is that prisoners become desperate to give everything they have to the Keefe Group. The Keefe Group, in turn, provides prisoners with a stream of tasty but usually quite unhealthy food.

The worst part of this situation is that it might well interfere with rehabilitation. Prisoners need proper meals if they’re going to focus on becoming better citizens. If finding candy bars is their main concern then they’re not going to be prepared for the outside world. I’d hope that prisons could be a bit more firm with minimal standards for the Keefe Group’s pricing and nutritional profiles.

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Too Much Money For A Few Minutes

One of the complaints that I have about Global Tel is that it’s a company used by prisons so that the prison can make money. Prisons that use this company get a kickback from the money that is made from each call. It’s no wonder my rate is as high as it is at $5. It means that I have to allow for one or two calls a week from my husband because I simply don’t have the extra money to put on my account. Prisons should use companies that are willing to understand the needs of families instead of those that are simply trying to make a profit. Read more about GTL on

I can have money on my account and still get nowhere with the calls that I receive. There have been times when my husband has called and the call is dropped only five minutes into the conversation. Thinking that I can accept another call, I am disappointed when I find out that the amount for the entire call is taken off of my account. This means that I no longer have those funds to use and don’t get to talk to my husband anymore that week. Read more on NYTimes to know more about GTL.

When I don’t have money on my account, there’s no way to know whether or not my husband is alright. I have to wait to get a letter. There are times when the letters that I send don’t get to my husband until a few days after they are delivered by mail. I worry about him most on the days when I can’t talk to him because Global Tel Link chooses to charge too much money. When I contact Global Tel, I’m out through to the worst customer service representatives ever who don’t know anything about the services that the company offers. I’m told something different every time I call the company. It’s a company that decides to charge whatever it wants and doesn’t care about anything else.

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In Louisiana, Angola prison shows phone rates can work for everyone

Angola is the state of Lousiana’s largest state prison. The sprawling complex is one of the largest of its kind, taking up more than 28 square miles in Eastern Louisiana. Modeled on the Southern farm prison idea, the facility has long been nearly self-sufficient, similar to Parchman Farm in Mississippi and other similar Southern prisons.


In keeping with the long tradition of Southern prisons being self-sufficient, Angola has mostly grown its own food and covered its own costs with prisoner labor. While the practice of Southern prison self-sufficiency has garnered a great deal of negative attention for its excesses, such as those documented by Michelle Alexander in her book “Slavery by Another Name”, the system has some decidedly positive effects. One of the most notable is that many Southern prisons have had to rely minimally on taxpayer money.


This penchant for self-sufficiency extends into all facets of the daily operations at Angola. Prisoners are expected to be employed in a vocation. These include attending to the prison’s farming activities or working in the shop. But the prison also earns revenues from its phone systems. For every call that inmates place, Angola takes a 70 percent cut. The rest is left for the prison phone system provide, Dallas-based Securus Technologies, to go to operational costs and a small profit.


But even if such a large commission seems like an extraordinary amount to take from every dollar that inmates spend on phone calls, the inmates probably don’t notice. That’s because the prison phone system’s operator, Securus, has been able to keep the average per-minute cost of phone calls down to just $.15 per minute. At these rates, most of Angola’s inmate population can afford to stay in nearly daily contact with loved ones, a possibility that is much more than a mere convenience for the inmates,


One of the hardest aspects of incarceration in the United States isn’t the burden it imposes on the inmates. They’ve been duly convicted in a court of law, often for terrible crimes. But there are often innocent family members whose lives are torn apart by a father being incarcerated for a lengthy sentence. It has been estimated that in the United States there are more than 3 million children of prisoners who, as a result of their parent’s sentence, are being raised in single-mother households.


Sociologists have identified this group of children as being among the most at-risk youths in the country, for every major negative life outcome that there is. Without a father in the home, these kids are more likely to drop out of high school, become habitually unemployed and most tragically, pursue a life of crime, following in their fathers’ footsteps and ending up in and out of prison for the remainder of their lives. This tragic consequence is one of the collateral costs of a prison population that exceeds that of any other nation on earth.


However, technologies deployed by companies like Securus are changing that. With truly cheap phone calls, Securus is proving that the prisoners, their families and the facilities themselves all can walk away happy.


Get Stellar Inmate Calls With The Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is well known for being a part of the trusted American Correctional Association (ACA). They have been proudly serving their customers since 1975 and one of the largest packaging services for inmates in the industry. Experience organic all-natural food products, clothing items, and inmate calls. They are safely monitored to protect the general public according to government mandate. Rest assured, you communicate over a secure line with far less dropped calls. Their services are chosen 10 to 1, over their competitors. You’ll never want to go back to your former inmate calling network because of all the money you’ll save.

They offer exclusive and trusted brands including Hostess and Market Square Bakery. The Keefe Group has all the products and services that an inmate needs at the right size and an amazing price. Choose from a list of items that are listed on their website. Inmates have the option of choosing the best shampoo, conditioner, roast beef, tuna, and seafood. They also have a selection of products for Hispanic inmates that will accommodate their specific cuisine. Say goodbye to eating the regular food that is served at a facility by utilizing the packaging services provided by the Keefe Group. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times.

Keefe Group Items

– Lotion

– Shaving products

– Vitamins

– Conditioners

– Supplements

– Shoes

– Mouthwash

and more…

The Keefe Group is one of the first inmate packaging providers to offer their customer electronics. You now have the option of sending an inmate a tablet that allows them to play games and play music. In fact, you can learn more about their tablet from their website. If you’re interested in knowing how much money you have on your books, you can use their kiosk system that will give you immediate information on an inmate account. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

You’re invited to become a part of the Keefe Group by visiting their exclusive website today.

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The World of Prison Communication is Changing

If you have a loved one who has recently been put behind bars for any type of offense, you know how difficult it is to keep in touch with that person on a regular basis. You might have tried making routine trips to the prison but are finding it too difficult because it is nowhere near your home. You might also be trying to contact them at all times only to find that it is both unreliable and unsecured for prison families all across the country. What you might want to know is that there are a variety of different prison communication systems on the market right now that are designed to make your life easier when trying to keep in touch with a loved one behind bars.


These prison communication systems are specifically designed with the prison family and inmate in mind. What this means is that you can feel confident knowing that you are able to either video message or call your loved one behind bars without having to worry about having a hard time doing this. This is also completely secured for anyone who might be using it and this is something that you will find to be highly beneficial in more ways than one. It is a good idea for you to consider using a Prison Communication System like this and to see what I can do for you in the long run when it is being used for your own benefit as well as your loved one’s benefit. These are wonderful systems that truly work and can change your life for the better because of the fact that you can connect contact your loved one at any time you want.


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