Global Tel-Link Charges You a Fortune

Uh oh! Your loved one has just been imprisoned for a crime, and it will be years until he or she comes home again. You could visit your loved one, but your loved one lives hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of miles away. What will you do? Here is an idea: call your loved one up on the phone! Wait a second. Prison phone calls cost a fortune. You do not want to go into debt. You are not rich, and perhaps you are living from paycheck to paycheck. You need to contact your loved one, though, and you have a burning desire to hear his or her voice. What will you do?

Well, there is no easy answer to this question. Prison phone calls are way too much money. A fifteen minute telephone call through Global Tel-Link can cost as much as $17.00. There are tons of flat fees. There are even flat fees charged to add money into your account to pay off flat fees! If you get too carried away and have normal, frequent conversations with your loved one over the phone, you may quickly rack up a phone bill with Global Tel-Link that is worth thousands of dollars. There is no way around this. The system is set up to rip people off. It seems that not much is being done on the part of lawmakers, which is not surprising because Global Tel-Link has sunk it’s tentacles into politics. However, many people outside of Global Tel-Link are profiting off of high cost phone calls, and should also be blamed. Detention centers make a pretty hefty profit from expensive phone calls because they enter contracts with phone companies where the phone companies are obligated to give big kickbacks from revenue. Sometimes, phone companies are even required to give more than just kickbacks.

Global Tel-Link Is Only Part of The Problem

Already, the hassle of something going wrong, being arrested, going to court and being imprisoned can be a hugely tiring and traumatizing experience for inmates. However, it is also a very traumatizing and tiring experience for the loved ones of imprisoned people. It couldn’t get any more worse than that, right? Wrong! To make matters worst, people are barred from calling their imprisoned loved ones unless they agree to pay outrageous phone bills for not enough time. People who have not gone through the experience of being imprisoned or having a close loved one who is imprisoned may not understand this problem or may not think that it is of high priority. Another reason why people may not consider this to be a high priority problem is because of the fact that a negative stigma surrounds people who are imprisoned, as well as their families. People who are imprisoned are thought to “deserve” anything negative that comes their way. Any suffering that their families feel may be lightly shrugged off as being rightful consequences, or perhaps the faults of the inmates. Also, relatives of inmates may be stigmatized as being “trashy” and undeserving. In reality, they are just innocent individuals who happen to know people close to them who are imprisoned.

Global Tel-Link is a company that relies on these negative stigmas that the general population believes in order to price gouge the enlightened ones who have imprisoned relatives or friends. They provide expensive phone service for prisons and jails so that people can call their imprisoned loved ones. There can be a whole, legitimate argument written to demonize Global Tel-Link. However, Global Tel-Link is only part of the problem. Jails and prisons are the ones who choose phone companies. They choose based off of which company they can squeeze the most kickbacks from. This encourages phone companies to put the most price gouging, unethical practices in place.

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The price families pay to communicate

How much should one have to pay to keep in touch with the ones they love? Most people who live in the everyday world communicate with others who aren’t within walking distance via telephone. People look for the reasonable rates, and best quality service. But what about those who don’t have the option of choosing a provider with the best service at the lowest rate possible? How do they communicate with the ones they love without dealing with such high cost; like inmates who are incarcerated with no other alternatives.


The inmate call service is now a 1.7 billion dollar business. Big name companies such as Global Tel-Link profit greatly off of inmates and their loved ones. Bringing in 500 million dollars a year (aclu).. A company by its own accord says they are dedicated to providing the best quality service for its customers according to their L. But whom are they serving? On average the cost to speak to a family member using Global Tel-Link cost $1.13 per-minute. On top of that a monthly 6.95 service charge is also deducted from inmate accounts. The average commercial providers charges about four cents per-minute. The company claims they must charge high fees in order to provide quality service for their clients. But it appears the families are the ones getting the short end of the stick. How is Global Tel-Link able provided service for over 80% of prisons, jails and detention centers without competition? Global Tel Link offer incentives to prisons and jails for signing a contract with the company, basically the jails will receive a commission paid by the company. However it is the families of the inmates that pay the cost, depending on the location of inmates phone calls are the best way to keep in touch with loved ones. The high cost -of fees make this even more difficult for families to keep in touch with their loved ones. Visit Bloomberg to know more about GTL.

Due to the amount of complaints from prison rights groups and fed-up family members the FFC is now doing an investigation. Among their findings they have noticed that prisons aren’t picking companies based on the lowest rate but by the size of the commission they receive. With these new findings the FFC has since closed the caps on long distant calls. However, the costs for inmates who live within local calling distance of their families’ rates remain the same. Read more on to know more about GTL.

Keefe Group Provides Inmate Services Hassle Free

Established in 1975, Keefe Group is best described as an inmate service providing business. The company offers a wide variety of programs and custom services geared toward the correctional market. Keefe Group adjust all programs to fit the standard rules of every facility.

Using these special services, Keefe Group grants the public the opportunity to send various items to inmates. Products are professionally packaged according to the facility regulation, limiting the risk of items being denied by the facility. Inmates can receive packages in a timely fashion through the Keefe Group packaging service.

The Keefe Group offers a 24/7 live commutative support system. According to, they allow you to speak to a well trained representative at the hours of your choice. All reps are native English or Spanish speakers. The thoroughly enforced background and drug screening test ensure the highest quality of employee is able to assist you. The team of customer service experts have a combined experience of over 250 years.

Advanced technology systems allow the company to further assist the public and inmates. Keefe Group uses its own in-house create software. The company as revealed by STL Today also have an in-house team of software developers. The developers write and support all banking efforts among many other things.

Keefe Group is committed to an ultimate quality satisfaction. The experienced company continuously strive to establish a comprehensive service for all customers in need. Individuals can take advantage of over 50 specific services and programs offered by the company. Tailored to fit your personal need, Keefe Group maintains an unmatched level professionalism.


The Keefe Group Has Majorly Raised The Standards Of Correctional Facilities

The Keefe Group is corporation that stands at the forefront of the correctional market and serves correctional facilities all over the country today. They offer a range of different goods and services to their clients, this includes food products, clothes, technology, music, and one of the most important, communication. When the Keefe company first started out, they didn’t have much to offer and they couldn’t offer it to very many clients, but after more than 4 decades in the industry, they have a huge number of things that they offer. Most inmates find the communication they offer the most important, as it allows them to stay in touch with family and friends outside more easily.

Over time, as the Keefe Group ( has upgraded their services and technology, they have made the process for communication and inmates contacting their families much easier, which is a huge help for staffing and officers at facilities. There is much less compromise on security and things have become more self sufficient for inmates.

The Keefe Group has special software systems in place today that allows them to stay in control and manage all of the information from correctional institutions all across the United States. They can operate with correctional facilities no matter how remote or how large in scale they are, due to their distributions centers across the country. They can even manage payments and banking for their clients today.

The Keefe Group has made many friends over the decades of their service, and they have received the appreciation of many happy clients all over the country. Today, they are recognized as a leader in the correctional market with the highest volume of products and services available. Not only this, but they also do work outside of correction facilities, which is focused on working in the community to make the world a better place for everyone. They’ve done so by working with organizations such as the United Way and Big Brother Big Sisters. Read more on


Amazing Communication with IC Solutions

The prison system is continually something that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to better communication. If you have a loved one who is in prison and are finding it difficult to keep in touch with them, it might be a good idea for you to consider using a service known as IC Solutions. IC Solutions has been around for quite some time now and is one of the leaders when it comes to prison communication systems. You will find that this option is a lot better than anything you have used in the past because of the fact that it truly works and prevent you from having issues when communicating.

When one of my own friends was put into prison for a minor offense, I found it more than a little difficult to keep in touch with them because of the way that the prison system has communication available. This is when I began to discover IC Solutions for myself and started using it on a routine basis. It allowed my friend and I to video message each other routinely so that we could feel like we were in the same room together while being miles apart. I continually recommend this technology to anyone who wants to use it because of the fact that I feel it truly works and can change your life for the better.

IC Solutions is also very easy to download and begin using right away so that you do not feel like you are wasting your time on this type of Technology. Make sure to check out the website to learn more about this service and see if it is going to work for you as it has for me and so many others who have made use of it in the past for their loved ones and friends who happen to be behind bars. To know more about IC Solutions, visit the State Journal Register.

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IC Solutions

I Use IC Solutions For My Law Office

I use IC Solutions for my law office because I have to have a secure phone line to call my clients. I learned when I got out of law school that I had to start an account to make calls to the prisons where my clients might be. I thought I could call straight in because I am a lawyer, but that is not how it works. You have to have an account with a company like IC Solutions, but they are the best people to work with because of the calls we have to make.
I place calls from my office with IC Solutions all the time, and I get my clients on the phone as soon as I need to. I have a lot to share with them, and I have to be able to speak to them knowing that all the things we are saying are confidential. It helps me to know that I can get everyone on the line, and it also helps me to feel comfortable knowing that we have given them all the information they need. I do not want to make my clients wonder what is going on, and I cannot visit all the jails on my own because of how spread out they are.

I appreciate the service that IC Solutions provides for me and my clients, and I am pleased to know that me and my clients are able to communicate when needed. They can get messages to me to call them, and I can call them immediately. I can get the families on the phone if they need it, and I have taught other families to do this because I know they needed to be able to talk to someone they love who is in jail. IC Solutions is a complete service that helps everyone. For more info, visit


A firm that Guards Criminal Justice

Since 1975, Keefe Group has had a great impact in the correctional market by providing commissary services to inmates. This firm not only provides food supplies but also clothing, inmate communications and other important software to inmates. Through its branches namely Keefe Supply Company, IC Solutions, Keefe Commissary, Crawford Supply and Access Securepak, Keefe Group has managed to record higher returns through the years. Currently, this firm has more than 5000 brand names and provides amazing private label products which include televisions, personal care products and athletic shoes among others. Keefe Group has been recognized as one of the leading companies within the cottage industry due to its ability to provide amazing services to all its clients.

What we provide

Through the years, there have been improvements on the development and packaging of products provided by Keefe Group. This has been made possible by the fast evolution of technology. Being a company that focuses on maximum satisfaction of clients, Keefe Group ensures that all needs raised by clients are well met to ensure good relations. Professionals working for this firm are committed and dedicated to deliver both innovative solutions and products required within the correctional market. The services offered are unparalleled since this firm’s main focus is correction. Regardless of the size of a correctional facility, Keefe Group [check out their profile on] provides on bulk orders, disaster recovery services, price stability and shipping services among others.


Keefe Group plays a very important role in the correctional market by ensuring all clients turn their visions to amazing realities. Despite the many challenges this firm has faced over the years, it has continued to deliver solutions and products highly demanded by clients. Employees within this firm provide cutting edge solutions and treat client’s needs individually to avoid confusion. This firm poses new challenges and opportunities to employees and clients to ensure they are motivated at all times. For more facts about the Keefe Group, visit Prisoncensorship‘s website.



How IC Solutions Has Transformed Inmate Calling Services

In its early days, Inmate Calling Solutions (IC Solutions) operated quietly since very few people in the public knew about the company that was going to revolutionize how inmate calls were handled in the United Sates. Personally, the very first time I heard about the company was in 2008, over an evening news program on CNN. To date, the company has grown into a big firm that is providing inmate-calling services to over 150,000 inmates in 200 correctional facilities across the United States.

According to the information I read from PissedConsumer website and other sites like, the software provided by the company has brought with it several benefits that correctional facilities never enjoyed before. In my opinion, benefits such as advanced investigative tools and continuous voice biometric identification are game changers. For example, with voice biometric identification, the system can identify exactly which inmate is on the phone and with whom. In a situation where the parties in a call cannot be identified, the prison administrators are alerted, and they have the ability to terminate the call or listen to the conversation. This information was originally reported on IC Solutions’ website as posted in this link

I also consider the calling platform provided by the Centric Group owned firm as superior not only to previous calling platforms, but also to platforms provided by competitors. With the platform, administrators of correctional facilities are in a position to prevent any fraud making schemes both outside and inside the correctional facilities. I was particularly impressed by how the extensive fraud prevention feature could help stop drug dealers who are in prison from continuing with their drug dealing activities.

In my opinion, IC Solution is a company dedicated to delivering the best services at affordable costs. For example, it carries free software upgrades for its clients and provides the clients with free training both onsite and online. From my research, I noted that the company provides 24/7 technical support. Moreover, they have a nationwide repair technician network to ensure any arising problem is solved on time.

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Prisons Help or Hinder Crime

For most Americans when a prisoner is sent to jail because of a crime they committed, it is just one less criminal off the streets. But when a prisoner is released from jail, many believe that prisoner to be rehabilitated and ready to reenter society. However, consider a rational law abiding citizen and how difficult hey have it dealing with psychological issues and they have the freedom to visit psychologist for help. So what did the prisoner learn in prison during their incarceration that would have rehabilitated them to a point where they are truly ready to reenter society?

Myles Hoenig suggest that criminals upon leaving the prison system are not better off than when they went into the system. Part of the problem with the notion that they have been rehabilitated is that the prison system in America today was created to punish the incarcerated, not reform. There are very few systems in place within the confines of any jail that provide avenues of change for prisoners.

Add to that, Americans have a preconceived notion that the minority lower class are the biggest problems we have with prisoners, contributing to the larger percentage of inmates when this is not true. White crime is actually higher than minority crime and it is only because of how the media portrays this in the news.

The biggest fear with an election year is that if Hilary Clinton is elected president, she does not intend to change or bring and new reform to how prisons keep inmates incarcerated, the status-quo will continue to punish criminals and not provide a means to rehabilitate. This will only increase crime rates and not help lower them. This will perpetually continue to release inmates back into society to commit the same old crimes they were punished for in the first place.