GTL Launches Education Management Solution for Corrections Experts and Prisoners

GTL, a proven provider of exceptional correctional technology solutions, has officially launched education solution for correction agencies to deliver a wide range of education opportunities and courseware to detainees. The findings of a study carried out by RAND Corporation in 2013 indicate that inmates who pursue various education courses while at the prison have a 43 percent lower likelihood of committing crimes again than those who never pursued such courses. The study showed that detainees who undertake education courses have 13 percent chance of being employed upon their release.

The innovative education solution by GTL allows corrections facilities to minimize recidivism by availing education programs and diverse courseware to inmates. For many years, GTL has utilized technology and innovation to improve the lives of inmates and make the world safer and better.

Inmate Tablet Platform

The Tablet Platform offers a broad range of services such as e-learning, inmate messaging and phone calling, grievance filing and commissary film, a game subscription center, law library access, and music streaming. The tablet has five layers of firewalls to avert misuse.

Learning Management System

GTL’s inmate tablet uses Learning Management Systems that are similar to those utilized in K-12 education. It offers access portals that are role specific for incarcerated persons, tutors, and correctional facility administrators and officers. The prisoners can log into areas of coursework that impresses them while the officials are managing the registration and monitoring the progress. The inmate can use the tablets to study for exams equivalent to those administered in high school. Additionally, they can learn life skills like problem-solving, anger management, decision-making, and time management.

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GTL has set high standards in the corrections and public safety industry by delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. As a reliable industry leader, GTL offers service to nearly 50 percent of incarcerated persons nationwide, comprising of 33 state corrections department, Puerto Rico, 32 of the biggest city/county facilities. The Virginia-based firm has over ten regional offices in the United States.