Keefe Group Keeps Communication Strong

I believe that everyone, at some point and time, will find themselves with a friend or relative that is locked away. The line is the sand is often drawn at this point. People that are on the outside have to ask themselves if they will be dedicated to visiting this person or if they will simply wait for the collect phone call. All of this depends on how close you may be to the friend. Sometimes the bond may require a physical visit, but there are a lot of people that are just refusing to get involved in the prison visit. They would much rather visit through their phone apps. This is exactly what Keefe Group has prepared for. This is a tech company that has managed to turn the concept of visiting with a relative into something creative.

There are people all over the United States that are rejoicing because

Keefe Group has made the prison visit a lot less grueling. There are family members on the outside that no longer have to feel guilty about driving 3 hours one way in the rain to visit a cousin that they barely knew. In these times technology is the key to communication. It becomes very difficult to communicate without it, but it becomes super easy to have a conservation when you have the right technology available. What Keefe Group has continued to do is work on improving communication for inmates.

This company has done a lot to bring prison communication up to date. I have always thought that the inmate collect calls where such a pitiful excuse for communication. It seems like this was all that there was for a long time. I was glad to see Keefe Group bring about some changes when it came to communicating with inmates. Learn more about the company visit and