The Keefe Group Cares About Inmate Hygiene

There are many companies that aim to get their products into prisons in order to sell them to inmates. Most of these products are food products, but many other products, like shampoo and soap, make up a great portion of products sold in jail. The problem is that these products are five-times more expensive than they’re supposed to be, so most inmates are unable to purchase them. For this reason, the Keefe Group exists.

The Keefe Group is a supplier of many different products. These are both edible and hygiene products. However, the Keefe Group is designed to sell their products solely to prison inmates. Keefe Group products are also cheaper than products from any other company. In fact, if an inmate can prove that another company is selling a similar product for a lower price, Keefe will give the inmate a month supply of the product in question for free; to this point, this has never happened.

According to, another great thing about the hygiene products sold by the Keefe Group is that all of their products are made from natural elements. This includes their shampoo, soap, and more. The products sold by Keefe cannot be sold anywhere else. They cannot even be ordered by anyone except an inmate. After the first order, inmates are given discounts with every additional order.

The Keefe Group does not have an assembly line going like a traditional company. The Keefe Group has health specialists working around the clock on all their hygiene products. These health specialists make sure that all the ingredients in the hygiene products are made from natural elements. Products that come out to be 95% natural get tossed in the garbage. Every single product must be 100% natural, and every single product is given special attention to by a health specialist.

The Keefe Group is developing more hygiene products to be sold in the near future. These products include items like gel, toothbrushes, deodorant, and so much more. As usual, all of these products will derive from natural elements, and they will be cheaper than all similar product on the present prison market.