Global Tel-Link Dominates the Prison Phone Industry

The prison phone industry generates more than $1 billion on an annual basis. It is no surprise that new companies are popping up every day in an attempt to get a piece of this very lucrative pie. The company that has risen above all others to become the titan of prison phone providers is Global Tel-Link. Many people are curious how this company has managed to rise above all of their competitors and thoroughly dominate them. After all, it is not like the phone service they are providing to prisons is so much better than what their competitors are offering.

According to Yelp, one of the reasons that Global Tel-Link has risen so rapidly over a relatively short period of time involves their political connections. It helps if you know people in very high places. The company has no shortage of elected officials who are always willing to lend a helping hand to the prison phone provider. Why are these politicians so eager to help Global Tel-Link when they are in need? The answer is very simple. Based on review, these politicians receive very healthy campaign contributions from Global Tel-Link before every one of their reelection campaigns. Therefore, the politicians know that they must do the bidding of Global Tel-Link if they want to keep the campaign contributions rolling in on a regular basis.

Having politicians on their side also helped Global Tel Link to get contracts for many large prisons that are worth a small fortune. There is supposed to be a fair and non-partial bidding process to determine how all of the prison phone service contracts are awarded. However, Global Tel-Link easily gets around that process by greasing some palms and arranging the outcome of the game before it is even played. This is how they operate. They have no morals. All they care about is money.