IC Solutions: This Must Be What Hell Feels Like

In life, there are always people that you just can’t get through to and you can’t reach for whatever reason. No matter how hard you try or how much effort you put into it, it gets you nowhere. It is tiresome and exhausting on some many levels. These are toxic relationships, as someone can speak until they are blue in the face, and they are not likely to get anywhere in life. They will keep banging their head against the wall, so to speak, and they end up empty with no results. That is what it is like dealing with IC Solutions, a communications provider/service for inmates.On Pissed Consumer , they are rated 1.4 out of 5 based on 62 reviews. That is a pretty poor rating, but people need to look past the rating and they need to look at what is being said about the company. That is where the truth can sometimes get overlooked.

People are talking about the frustrating experience they are having with IC Solutions in terms of price and customer service. They are on the fast track to nowhere when they have paid to speak to the inmate. This is not all that difficult, really, but when money gets involved, nothing is easy with any company.The thing that is most troubling is that the inmates are behind bars with no support and no love. Yes, I’m well aware they have committed a crime and they did not just bump into jail. I’m also well aware that not every person there is this vile human being that IC Solutions would like to have you believe they are. These are people that have made a mistake. They are taking responsibility for that and serving their time. Now, all they need is some support and belief while behind bars, but IC Solutions does not want any part of that.

You can also visit their official Website : https://www.icsolutions.com/