Telmate Powers Getting-Out Video Visit Platform

Telmate has become a great company for the Department of Corrections. This has become one of the best companies for people that are interested in engaging in video visitation with inmates. This has become one of the best ways to keep the family connection strong even if you are nowhere near the prison. There are some people that still go for a video visitation, but now that smart technology has evolved so much it makes no sense for anyone to visit a prison if they can utilize Telmate to connect with their family or friends.


What Telmate does is power a software platform called Getting-Out. This is the platform that allows the family members and friends of inmates to stay connected through a video platform. This is really a great way for people to stay connected because all that they have to do is set up an account and deposit money to it. In the past people would need vehicles to transport them to a prison so they could visit at the facility. It is true that they can still go to the prison for a visit, but now they have a chance to engage in a video visit station in a lobby.


The family members that are coming to visit will sit in the lobby while their incarcerated family member that they are visiting will be able to utilize a tablet to connect on the other end.


People that are utilizing this Telmate platform can also do this from their computer at home. All that they would need is a computer and a webcam that has a microphone. From this point they can download a browser like Firefox 7 or higher and get the necessary additional software like Adobe Flash to get started. High internet speed services will also be needed to engage in meetings such as this.


This is a great concept because it reduces a lot of chaos inside of the prison system. People can even conduct these type of visits through the getting out platform with their mobile devices. It certainly is a convenient communication method.