Keefe Group is one of the leading inmate communications companies in the whole world. The company has been providing the correctional facilities market with food products, electronics, products for personal care, clothing, computer services, inmate phones, pharmacy supplies and equipment, health and beauty supplies, sending money services, inmate management systems, greeting cards, commissary management, telecommunications, technology, and software among others.


Keefe Group And Bribery Allegations:


Keefe Group has also been under fire for bribing prison officials for their services to be utilized in some correctional facilities. Joseph Deese and Edward Lee Duggar pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge. The two were guilty of bribing Keefe Group employees and Florida prison officers. The insurance brokers had entered into this deal to get part of the cash accrued from the prison business. The accused men had created a company that was supplying all the Florida prisons with canteen services. However, they had to pay prison officials Clark and Crosby up to fourteen thousand dollars and Keefe officials up to two hundred and sixty thousand dollars annually.


The two prison officials had to quit their jobs and serve time in federal prisons. Regardless of this, none of the Keefe Group Officials have been charged with any offense. One of the lawyers who is representing the defendants, Gil Schaffnit even pointed out that the Keefe Commissary is highly connected politically.

In Mississippi, a task group of five members was set up to challenge the eligibility of correctional facilities contracts. The task force was formed after Christopher Epps who was the previous Corrections Commissioner and Cecil McCrory who is a businessman were also indicted on corruption charges related to correctional facilities contracts. The task force recommended that the Department of Corrections in Mississippi should not allow any contracts that have not undergone bidding.


The recommendations of the working group are meant to encourage transparency and discourage corruption in the correctional facilities provision system. If all the states endorse the recommendations, then the intense cases of bribery allegations that are being experienced by companies such as the Keefe Group will not be there anymore.