Global Tel Link — The Worst Company In The USA

There is no worst company in the world than Global Tel Link. I think most people hate their Internet and telephone provider but this company takes it to the next level. They do this because they secure a monopoly over the institutions that they serve. They specifically provide telecommunications to prisons, jails and correctional facilities.


And get this — the company is able to bribe state governments and prisons with something called a commission. The commission is a part of the bid that the company makes to get a government contract to become the only provider of telephone and Internet services to a correctional facility. They get to take a chunk of the profits that they make and kick it back to the people who make the decisions in the state government. It is legal bribery.


Once this company sinks its teeth into a correctional facility, it gets to charge whatever it wants. There is some weak regulation from the FCC that says interstate phone calls must cost $.25 per minute. But there is no regulation on in-state phone calls nor is there any regulation on fees. This company just jackhammers families with fees. There are fees to open accounts, fees to connect a phone call and even fees to close accounts.


And the families of the inmates must put up with this horrible treatment in order to communicate with their loved one. This horrid company is literally making $500 million per year off of love. It is exploitation at the highest level and somebody needs to speak out against it.


Prisoners don’t have much of a say in society. Felons can’t even vote once released from prison. But this vulnerable population deserves better and we need to urge our local governments to regulate the terrible practices of Global Tel Link.