Access Points Provided Through Telmate

The jail term among inmates differs. Some may face a couple of years in prison and soon be out. Others may be facing a life sentence and the thought of never seeing their families again may be devastating. Telmate is a service provider meant to keep both parties in communication. This helps build relationships despite the distance. Telmate offers services to city jails, federal detention centers and state DOCs. The service is deployed to over two hundred correctional facilities in North America. Telmate has been recognized as among the top service providers in North America. This is because of the close relationship the company has with its customers. Through reviews from customers, the company keeps growing.


Telmate provides the option of kiosks where family members can add funds to the account of a specific inmate. Cash and credit card payments are accepted. Receipts are provided after each transaction. The kiosks are durable as they are made of steel. In case of any damage there are in house engineers to fix the problems. The money sent to inmates can be used to purchase commissionary, phone credit and helpful reading material. Transactions that are made are recorded for the purpose of security. Information on who placed the cash and when it was done is always available.


Incarcerated people use phones designed for specific correctional institution. The digital phone system is managed using the Telmate web based administrative system. It is referred to as Telmate Command. The system enables the team to listen in on conversations and record them. Suspicious inmate relations are monitored and alerts made in case something goes wrong. Experts sample the calls to make sure they are of good quality. Inmates have the option of adding or reducing the volume as per their preference. Any echo coming from the vicinity can be canceled and background noises eliminated.


An inmate tablet is available. Communication is made possible through a custom built wireless network. Information being shared in and out of facilities is tracked and can be restricted for security purposes. All applications available have been approved for correctional purposes. This device keeps the users occupied and able to use their time more productively.