IC Solutions is an inmate communications company that serves American correctional facilities. Some of the services that the company offers include voice messages which serve both inmates or their loved ones outside, phone services, video chatting, various calling services, money collection kiosks, cash depositing services, customer care, an automated information line among many others.To cater for their services efficiently, IC Solutions offers various types of accounts they include:

  1. The Prepaid account: This type of account is used to accept an inmate’s calls regardless of the situation. This includes cases whereby the phone number has reached the maximum number of phone calls allowed.This is especially when the call is made from a mobile phone or when the telephone company doesn’t provide collect calls billing.
  1. The debit telephone account: This account allows inmates to call any number. The account is quite easy to set up. Once it has been put up and the payments have been made, then the inmate can be able to use it.
  1. The Collect Calling Card: This type of account allows an inmate to call any facility which has been approved by the company. The bill is paid by the facility which accepts the call.

To set up a new account, you can contact IC Solutions through their website where you will be able to register for any account easily.However, despite numerous efforts by the company to provide the most efficient services to the American correctional facilities fraternity, complaints are still rife that IC Solutions are providing poor services to their customers.Some of the complaints include; exorbitant processing fees. Another complaint by the users of the service is the fact that IC Solutions has a problem with refunding cash for incomplete calls or calls which are dropped. The company usually claims that the quality of the cell phone is poor when pressed about this issue. Other families claim that they are not getting the calling services they paid for. This is because their loved ones are not able to call home from prisons even after paying the required amount and depositing it in the respective account.In their defense, IC Solutions claims that it’s the consumers who are not getting the fine print in the services that they provide.You can also visit their Official Website : https://www.icsolutions.com/