IC Solutions: Unlikable and Crude

There is no need to play nice here or pretend. It is how IC Solutions likes to play it, but we don’t need to stoop to their level. IC Solutions is a horrendous company and a company that needs to be put out of business as soon as possible. The longer they are around, they are like a cancer and they are only growing and spreading. It is getting worse and it is not getting better. When someone has to deal with IC Solutions, it is terminal for them. As an inmate phone provider, they don’t do anything in the way of providing.In my years of dealing with random companies, banks, Internet companies, you name it, one of the things that has always driven me up a wall and made me very upset is service fees.

I’ve always tried to talk my way out of them or get them to wave them. There is really no need for them. It is just another way for a company to make money. Wouldn’t you know it? IC Solutions, has plenty of service fees and they also expire. Again, this is another moneymaking loophole on their part. It is clear as day and the customers are well aware of it.If there is another thing I can’t stand, it is bad customer service. As they often say, it takes a lot more energy to be negative and mean than it does to be nice. However, these are people with big egos that think their crap doesn’t stink. Because of this, they believe they can talk to and treat the customers however they see fit. Do they feel better for picking on these families? Does it make them feel like they are tough? In my eyes, it shows they are weak and they are lousy human beings.