Politicians Don’t Care That Global Tel-Link is Ruining People’s Lives!

Do you know who are a bunch of bums? Whoever runs Global Tel-Link, that’s who!They take advantage of people who are in between a rock and a hard place by giving phone bills that are too high for inmate phone calls. Virtually nobody cares about inmates or their families, so Global Tel-Link can get away with this crap. There aren’t too many people sticking up for the needs of inmates and their loved ones. There aren’t really any well-known celebrities who are openly taking up this issue. It is as if nobody cares. There aren’t any well known social media campaigns talking about this issue. Politicians from all sides are not making this a priority. For those people who like to talk a lot of trash about our current president Trump out of some grudge that they feel for him, here is what I say: Hillary didn’t push this issue, either! She doesn’t seem to care, either! There are no big press conferences where you hear politicians talk about the problem of families being charged high prices and put into debt over phone calls to prisons. There has been a lot of talk about the rights of transgender people—which are very important—but, frankly, there are more people in America who fall within the demographic of either being imprisoned or having an imprisoned loved one than the demographic of being transgender. However, the rights of transgender people are being pushed while nobody is saying a word about the human rights of inmates and loved ones of inmates!


Global Tel-Link is the most obvious entity to blame, but it is highly ignorant to just blame Global Tel-Link because a lot of business people, facilities and politicians have a stake in the the profits that are raked in by ruining people’s lives, financially.