How Telmate is Transforming Prison Communication

Being able to speak to an incarcerated loved one in a convenient and safe way used to be a challenge before. Today, the situation is different. With over a decade of inmate communication service delivery, Telmate has established itself as an important communication brand. The organization facilitates secure communication systems which include phone communication, investigative tools, and video visits. Marketwise, Telmate delivers to about 300 prisons in the United States and Canada.

Here is what Telmate facilitates:

  1. Simple, Flexible and Affordable Communication

Research shows that the more the inmate gets to communicate with their loved ones on the outside, the higher the chances of them reforming. In this case, they are less likely to commit the same or any crime in that matter. Telmate assures that the inmate gets positive communication influence from outside to facilitate their reform. The platform allows the convict to enjoy quality content from the outside world.

  1. Prison Security

Telmate understands that the correctional facilities may pose danger to the working staff, the inmate community, and the outside world. For this reason, the organization focuses on providing innovative technology that effectively increases prison security. The innovation also helps to keep the inmate and the facility secured.

  1. Appreciation of Law Enforcers

This has been possible through the following programs:

  • Telmate Heroes
  • Telmate Cares
  • Telmate Fallen Heroes

Through the programs, the company commits on honoring all individuals on the frontline of the correctional process. With the initiative, the police and other members of law enforcement can get appreciated for their endless sacrifice and service. Telmate focuses on everybody involved in bringing a difference in the prisons, directly or indirectly.

  1. Inmate Self-Reliance

Telmate focuses on encouraging the inmates about personal responsibility. The inmates are advised on how to stay out of jail through responsible living. The communication and education programs facilitate their reforming as legal, spiritual, and social awareness is enhanced.


The core principles of Telmate are protection, service, and correction. Their impact in prisons is of great help to the correctional facilities. The innovative services such as video visits and monitored calls create safe communication with your locked loved one. We can only expect more innovation from the brand.