Global Tel-Link Has Remained Profitable

There are many companies that are involved in the prison phone industry. Some of these companies are more successful than others. Global Tel-Link has shown a remarkable ability to make large profits in this very competitive industry. The company has contracts to provide phone service to a wide range of prisons that are located throughout the United States. There are many inmates who have a problem with the way that Global Tel-Link has gone about making their money. They have become notorious for charging fees for their phone service that many people consider to be unreasonable.


Global Tel-Link has shown a great ability to market their services throughout the prison industry. They have been able to secure coveted and lucrative contracts with many large prisons that have many inmates. Prisons want to work with them because they have a great track record of having dependable service with very few outages. They have received their fair share of bad publicity due to the high rates that they are known for charging. However, all of the negative press has not stopped prisons from wanting to do business with them. They continue to rake in the cash and make a substantial profit every year.


The way that the prison phone industry is set up is very advantageous for the companies that provide the phone service. Each prison only works with a single phone provider. This means that the companies know the inmates are basically a captive audience. Global Tel-Link and other phone providers can charge whatever they want without any fear of repercussions. The industry is currently not regulated with the exception of a limit of 25 cents per minute that has been placed on calls made to other states. There are no other restrictions on what these companies are able to charge for their services.