Telmate – Leading Providers of Inmate Communication Systems

Telmate provides reliable inmate communication systems such as video visits, tablets, content, investigator tools, phones, and more. The company was launched in 1998 and started running its operations as experts in the provision of inmate technology. During this time, Telmate operated under the name Pinnacle Public Services. Pinnacle Public Services was founded to offer professional installation services to leading solution providers of inmate communications across Northwest. Telmate’s experience led to the recognition of the requirement in the industry for finer inmate communications solutions; one that offers centers with most advanced security and technology, incorporated with immediate client service and repair.

Telmate employs its creative solutions to not only meet the changing expectations of the corrections sector but also to better operational efficiencies. Telmate offers inmate communications solutions to centers of all sizes. These facilities include State Department of Corrections centers, city jails, federal detention facilities, county correctional centers, and holding cells. The company’s largest record in history houses more than 18,000 convicts. Additionally, the firm has also been established in over 300 correctional centers in North America spreading almost all Canadian provinces and U.S. states. The company has been recognized in North America as the leading providers of inmate communication solutions due to the company’s innovations in inmate tablet, video, phone, offender tracking solutions. Telmate’s growth, unlike its competitors, has been entirely organic and due to close relationships fostered within the company’s customers.

The company’s mission is to develop a technology that is secure and strengthens prisoners to break the cycle of making them re-offend while serving and protecting centers in their community.

As a company, Telmate is driven by ideas and devoted to doing more development and research than any other individual or company serving the corrections sector. The company is redefining on the methods used by inmates to pass information with the people outside such as family, and friends. Moreover, the firm is offering people with a communications platform to assist them to stay in touch.

The organization has the responsibility of giving protection to the local community they offer their services to. Besides, Telmate is a results-driven company with targets that are agile but realistic for the benefit of the company and its partners, whatever the difficulty that might arise.