Telmate Makes Inmate’s Loved Ones Pay Excess Communications Charges

Inmate telephone services run the gamut from bad to very bad. Telmate is the latest prison telephone service to receive very bad reviews. Apparently, Telmate makes it difficult to add money to the inmate’s telephone account. They also charge you for 3-way calling if anyone in the immediate vicinity is using a tablet, computer or cell phone, whether they are part of the conversation or not. This system is also being utilized as a visitation vehicle. Most of the time, it is inoperable. People waste time and money attempting to visit loved ones only to have the system fail and the visit be cancelled. That results in much too much time wasted waiting around and money wasted on non-visits to inmates.


Every phone system the prisons employ seems fundamentally flawed. Are the officials that run the prisons corrupt or stupid? One of these explanations must apply. Why would they consistently find phone services and communications methods that simply don’t work? It’s as if they are saying to inmates and their families, “You don’t count.” It’s not important for you to communicate with the people that love or care for you.


In this country, we claim to treat prisons in a civil manner. Perhaps, we should be more truthful and say you committed a criminal act, now you will no longer have access to the free world. Telmate is just one more communications company that repeatedly fails to deliver on its basic operations premise. It claims to provide communications to strive to cut down on the prospect of criminal actions being planned over the wires. Instead, they confuse and complicate the basic communications between inmates and their family and friends by not processing payments properly and over charging their subscribers.


Telmate needs to correct to bugs in their system and get their pricing under control. Poor families are the ones most affected by incarceration. It’s their loved ones that can’t communicate with the outside world without having to pay exorbitant fees just to make a phone call. That money is paid by the families’ of inmates. That’s one more price they are forced to pay for the mistakes their loved ones made.