Gainesville businessmen admit paying bribes to Florida prison officials

Two businessmen based in Gainesville were arraigned in court for allegations that they dealt in massive corruption deals with the Florida state prison officials to secure business in the industry. Because the federal commission had enough evidence that could work against them, they pleaded guilty. They were both told to come after two months for a detailed hearing of the case to determine their personality charges. The two officials were also charged for engaging in corruption deals with the Keefe Food Group corruption as a way of developing new business clients in the industry. Aside from issuing paybacks to the state officials who granted them the business operational signature, they went on to develop a new way of business to issue Keefe Food Group Company with kickbacks because they allowed them to operate on their land. This means that Keefe Food Group Company has monopolized the inmate system with a wide range of solutions that cannot be capacitated in the industry.


The 38-year-old Joseph Arthur also appeared at the federal court on Wednesday. He was charged with corruption deals for issuing kick-backs to the Florida state prison officials in exchange of business deals. He was also charged with issuing kickbacks to other companies such as Keefe Food Group for an alliance that is meant to destroy the business deal going on in the inmate industry. He was also provided with a detailed evidence that could work for better business in a manner that is not capacitated for poor innovation strategies. James Crosby is one of the few people who never allow themselves to be known to the public for their massive corruption deals. While this is true, this time he has been caught. The two prison officials who dealt in business with the two Gainesville-based business men were laid off duty to pave way for further investigation.


The 64-year-old Edward Lee Dugger also entered the same plea after being arraigned in the same court to face the same charges with his business partner. Both men are expected to face their sentence in July. According to the federal commission, Crosby befriended the two businessmen in because he was rising in ranks at work.