From Gloom to Clarity, The Keefe Group Persists

The Keefe Group is a determined business, devoted to the sweet relief of victory that only a few businesses of its kind experiences. Through perseverance, persistence and strategy, The Keefe Group has accomplished success at unbelievable measures, not only originating and providing a demand, but sustaining its deliverance for the long run.


The Keefe Group has been a force in the correctional market for over 40 years. It is only safe to suggest that they’ve experienced much pummeling rain and tunneling winds along their journey. But, like any other determined business, they will overcome and stand tall when the storm has cleared.


Since 1975, The Keefe Group has produced advantageable result in the midst of gloom. As a newbie, we can only guess what challenges are faced, but with the Keefe Group’s coffee product they were able to excel. A correctional facility favorite, the Keefe Group didn’t just soak in the fond, but they produced. Shortly after its coffee production, they would provide the correctional market with seafood. But, there was something very special about the packaging of the seafood. It was packaged in plastic. At this time, packaging seafood in plastic wasn’t common and once it worked on all levels it revolutionized the industry forever. Now, instead of providing inmates with glass and metal packaging, which was used for weapons at the time, plastic was used and now, less injuries and deaths are an issue.


The Frigid experiences brought on by glass and metal packaging of seafood suddenly became balmier and the road to a safer prison system was a lot less icy.


The Keefe Group would later become a gale in the correctional market, taking on all competitors, dispositioning their stability and overcoming their advantages. Now, the keefe group is a leader in the correctional market, contracted with over 800 public and private prisons and brings in over $1 billion in sells every year.


Blusterous and disadvantaged conditions aren’t a reason to quit; they are a reason to persist. The Keefe Group is a valuable machine built to overcome, but only able to do so through the challenges faced and the lessons learned in the process.


IC Solutions: Don’t Wait On Them

One thing that people often say is “Patience is a virtue.” In most cases, this is one hundred and ten percent true. Sometimes you need to wait something out and see how it unfolds before you do anything. In other cases, you need to take action right away. One company that requires the customers to take action right away is IC Solutions. On their website, they talk about how prisoners use the service with the help of others to connect with each other. Connect is a popular word on their website, but the customers will tell you that is not happening after they have forked over their cash. They are putting up a wall, as a matter of fact. That is not connecting anyone.


It is why I encourage people to go out there and speak their mind as loudly as possible about IC Solutions. People might think it is a waste of time and it is not going to get them anywhere. However, it is important not to have a defeatist attitude in this situation. It is important to remain vocal, angry, and say what is on your mind. With the Internet, you never know who is reading or who out there can help you out.


They are never going to know about you or your dilemma until you take to websites like Pissed Consumer and Rip Off Report. It gets people talking and it gets people to know the truth behind the situation. I’ve even seen people post pictures of the situation to further illustrate their point. Every bit of evidence you can get, it is going to help and it is going to make a difference. People need to remember that and they need to come at this from an aggressive point of view and really attack it with passion.


The Keefe Group Started Out Small But Leads The Correctional Market Today

The Keefe Group has humble beginning starting back in Missouri, but have since grown into a large corporation capable of supplying the correctional market around the country with ease. The company started back in 1975 as a rather small establishment with a limited range of products available to customers. Today, the Keefe Group has been responsible for many innovations to the correctional industry and what is possible for staff and inmates alike. The Keefe Group offers services like communication, banking, payments, video visits, and voicemails to name a few. Their products are even more extensive including food, clothes, shoes, electronics, hygiene products, personal care products, even unique potato chips.


When the company was first coming about, it was actually known as the Keefe Supply Company. Over the years, they developed collaborations with other companies that now come together to be called the Keefe Group. IC Solutions, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, and Advanced Technologies are the organizations included under the Keefe Group name. Each of these companies focuses on specific areas of the correctional industry to have a more precise service or product to offer. This is what allows the Keefe Group to dominate the market despite the competition in their field.


Also behind the Keefe Group’s collaboration is more than 4 decades of industry experience that has made various impacts on the correctional industry. The Keefe Group’s reach today is extensive and they are capable of supplying nearly every correctional facility around the United States, no matter how remote. Distribution centers spread across the country allow the Keefe Group to offer same day delivery to their clients without any cost. Any accidents or disaster is covered by the Keefe Group for deliveries. The advancements in technology in the past decade have allowed the Keefe Group to expand their services greatly, offering many forms of communication for inmates so they can stay in contact with their families. These services not only help inmates receive better treatment and improve their behavior, but it puts less stress on the staff within correctional facilities around the nation receiving their services.


The Keefe Group Should Consider Their Overall Mission Statement

My job forces me to skip lunch on a pretty frequent basis. And one thing that I’ve noticed from the experience is how my overall performance drops. It’s not a huge deal since it’s only a few work hours per week. But when I read an article about the prison system I couldn’t help but draw some connections.


The article’s author didn’t specifically focus on the issue of performance. Instead he was more concerned with obvious problems with the food he, and his fellows, were served. But it was the issue of performance that kept coming back to me.


The oddest thing about this situation is that it’s not really a direct choice by the prison system. Instead it’s coming from something called the Keefe Group. From what I can see it all began when the prison system noted issues with their food service. All well and good, and one would hope that could drive positive change. But it’s not really what happened.


Instead they contracted out with a private corporation to serve food in prisons. The vast majority of prisons are using the Keefe Group. Over the years they’ve formed some deep bonds. To the point where they don’t even compete for contracts anymore. It’s just handed to them by prisons. And that’s the biggest issue.


The Keefe Group doesn’t really have to compete. They have no incentive to provide high quality meals to prisoners. At least in an economic sense. And the results are as one would expect. They ended up selling the lowest quality food at the highest price point they could manage.


But my hope is that the Keefe Group really considers what they’re doing. Reading the raw emotion in the article drove home that real people are suffering. Worse, these are all people who are going to be introduced back into society at some point. Prison is supposed to calm them down and give them a chance to be their best self.


The Keefe Group needs to consider the fact that these prisoners are going to end up back in the community. And their integration is in large part due to how well they can reflect on things. In turn, that performance depends as much on food quality as lunch does to mine. They need to be well fed if there’s real hope for rehabilitation. And it’s up the the Keefe Group to aid in that process. Because if they don’t, prisons might finally decide to sever those contracts.


IC Solutions: Run From This Company

In the interest of fairness, I must admit I’m not all that familiar with inmate communication providers. I’m very familiar with IC Solutions, however, the inmate prepaid phone provider. I know all about them from reading up on them and doing my homework. I’ve never used them and never had to use them, but I know what they are all about from reading links like this one. There are plenty of other links out there, as mentioned, and the fact they come in such high volume only illustrates what is wrong with the company and the issues they have in allowing inmates to communicate with friends, family, and loved ones.


If you have ever been down your luck or had a bad stretch in your life, you know the importance of surrounding yourself with people that understand you, love you, and are there for you. They are vital. Even though I’ve never been in prison and I’ve lived a good, clean life, I’ve had dark days where I’ve felt down and out about myself. I know a phone call or someone coming in and being there for me can work wonders and really make a positive impact on my day. It is the same for an inmate.


They have beaten themselves up 100 times over what they have done and the fact they are in prison. They know this, they live with it, and they will carry it with them for the rest of their lives. However, it does not need to define them. It is a small part of who they are, and if they get the proper help, they can get on the right track. It is why I wish another inmate phone provider existed for those inmates and their families. I know they could sure use it.


IC Solutions: They Are Not Here To Impress You

IC Solutions is the kind of company that is not interested in impressing anyone or making any friends. That is the last thing on their minds at the end of the day. They are only interested in making the green and by the green I mean money. They are an inmate phone provider, which is supposed to allow inmates to connect, chat, and be in touch with their relatives and loved ones. It helps them as they try to get their life back on track and regain some semblance of normality once they get out of prison. They realize they have made a big mistake, and they are looking to become better people because of it.


They do not want it to define them and be with them for the rest of their lives. It will be part of them, but it shouldn’t be the only thing people associate with them. It is on their record, but they are more than a prison sentence, especially when the crime is minor. That is the thing people have to realize: not all crimes are the same. At the end of the day, they end up in prison. However, some people are going to stay there for the rest of their lives because of what they have done.


In this case, it is a misguided youth that made a mistake. A lot of kids make mistakes, but some are bigger than others. When it comes to this type of mistake, his parent is trying to reach him and they have lost almost one hundred dollars in that attempt, which is a lot of money. Even worse than the money, they have not inched any closer to speaking to the child. That is what they want the most, as they need to know their child is OK.


KG to the Rescue!

Keefe food group has contracts in the county, state, and federal jail systems. There has been a string of reports about the treatment of these prisoners nationwide. In addition, the Keefe group has been documented for lawsuits against their state system. However, it is not easy to convince the good citizens that the prison system is super flawed and that they should care for they are people too.


With that said, the state systems have come up with a solution for this particular problem. Inmate services have become available for the prisoners so that they are not treated like animals but as normal humans beings trying to serve time.


The inmate services that are in contracts with the jail systems, otherwise known as, Keefe is responsible for the following services:


-Processing of inmate deposits

-Sales of prepaid debit cards and processing of inmate trust funds

-Music players

-Song downloads

-Commissary such as food, personal hygiene, tobacco, and etc.


Keefe Groups is the company for the correctional market. They are the nation’s leading supplier of food, personal care, electronics, clothing, technology, telecommunications, and software solutions. They have been established since 1975 with their products and packaging services.


In my honest opinion, it is a nice gesture to have a company look after the basic needs of a human being that is serving time in prison. If the time served in prison did not allow them to fully think of their misbehavior, then they should not even be let out. To give them the option of something to do that will ultimately benefit them is exactly like giving them another chance.


However, the Keefe group has wronged the business at one point. Though it was wrong, it was fixed and everything was going to be better for their business. Aside from that, they have added more luxury items to help them think more complex.


In conclusion, the correctional business has come a long way since the beginning of time. They have learned to treat them like people who need to be treated like a person, not like prisoners. The Keefe group has aided these jail systems with the products they offer for the people.





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Consumer Affairs Reviewers Weigh In on Telmate

Telmate, a company that provides services to inmates so that they can call and receive calls from friends and families, has many reviews on Consumer Affairs, a known review website.


Lawrence, from Worcester, Massachusetts, who is a verified reviewer and a verified buyer, gave them a one star review. He said that he used to think that Verizon had the worst customer service until he dealt with Telmate’s customer service. He said that he called them up to give them money but that they gave him a difficult time. He said that they deserve nothing at all and that giving them even one cent is too much. He said that when he tried to ask the guy on the phone to talk to his supervisor, the guy just blew him off.


William, from Bronx, New York, who is a verified reviewer, also gave Telmate a one star review. He said that they have told him that his refund had been issued but that he did not get this refund even after three months had passed. He called them back after thirty business days, and they told him that his refund was issued a week ago. He said that he did not get the money, and he says that they told him that he would have to send them his bank statement in order to show them that he did not get his refund. He told them that he would have to be an idiot to actually send them his personal bank statement, but they did not care. He said that he told them nicely that they might as well keep the money and that he would not use them again. He advises that you use another method, or if you do have to use them, that you only make small deposits to avoid the risk of losing a lot of money.


Kyana, of Victorville, California, said that they tell her the card is not accepted when she tries to make a deposit, but that they take the money anyway.


Task Force Places Spotlight On Keefe Group

The story of the corrections officer who was indicted on corruption charges has caused a task force to look into the contracts that are placed between the prisons and the companies that provide the services. The task force said that it is about time that we ban no bid contracts.


McCrory and Epps owned GT Enterprise, and they were indicted for giving bribes to officials and for fraud. They sold GT Enterprise to Keefe Group. Keefe Group is another company that has contracts with many correctional facilities.


The Governor of Mississippi gave the task force the power to look into these things. He also gave some recommendations about which rules to put into place. Of course, it is true that if someone really wants to do something, they will do it. If someone really wants to break the law and be corrupt, they will do it. However, it is possible to make things harder for them. The task force is considering various new rules and regulations that would make it extremely difficult for anyone who runs one of these companies to do their corrupt deals anymore. They want everything to be as transparent as possible.


The Keefe Group has one of the six no bid contracts that the state wants to put up for bid contracts. It is not fair that some companies should have no bid contracts. There are many problems with this. When there are no bid contracts, that means that they essentially do not face any competition. They are able to do whatever they want, without fear of another company coming along and providing a service that is better than their own. That is why there are so many problems with the communication services in the prisons. The systems may be outdated, but the people who run them have no incentive to make them better than their smaller competitors’ systems. In addition, they can continue charging very high prices. They do not have any fear that a smaller company will come along and offer the same services at a lower price. If there was a bidding process, then they would be forced to offer a lower price and show how they are providing a better service for a better price.


The task force says that the state should investigate whether private companies should continue to run the facilities. The task force says that this practice, which started a few decades ago, has many flaws. If they are private companies with profits as their goal, then they will charge higher prices for lower quality products. It is not a good idea for us to allow that to happen.


The Future of Prison Telcom Services

Telecommunications is all around us and we as a people tend to use these services on a daily basis. On the other hand, the prison industrial system provides telco services as well as many more comfort features. This exclusive industry has changed its outdated approach for the better and by implementing new services, the crime rate within the system has drastically decreased. For people in the real-world, phone service is an afterthought, but if you’re behind bars, phone services are a high-quality commodity. Having the ability to speak to family and friends on a consistent basis really increases the moral of the individuals in question.


Telmate, an Oregon-based telco company, sits at the top of the ranks when it comes to inmate services. This company was incepted in 1998, and it has served numerous correctional facilities in the Pacific Northwest. As of today, Telmate provides its valuable services to more than 300 correctional facilities in Canada and the United States. This would include state DOCs, federal detention centers, city jails and the standard county correctional facilities. There is an estimated 2 million people who are incarcerated in North America and Telmate is doing its part to provide the very best of communications services. On top of that, the company has a long list of other valuable services such as tablet services, music, movies, video chat and games. There has been a lot of money that’s been put into each service as well as a lot of research.


Telmate’s mission is to create secure technology that benefits the inmates and the correctional staff. Security and safety is a top priority, especially when there are so many people that are crammed together in one location. These advanced security components are great for crime prevention, intelligence and operational efficiencies. Telmate has revolutionized the game one facility at a time and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down.