Keefe Group Offers Quality Services for Correctional Facilities

Keefe group and its subsidiaries the Keefe Supplies, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, Advanced Technologies Group, and IC Solutions has been offering communication services and high-quality goods to correction facilities since 1975. Keefe Group ranks as the nation’s top service provider for food supplies, personal care items, clothes and sanitation, technology, and telecommunication services for prisoners.

Keefe Group developed the industry through tailoring its products, technology, and packaging to suit the demands of detainees. Every department at Keefe Group commits to the corporate objective of delivering high-quality solutions tailored to suit the unique needs of clients. Keefe Group commits to exceeding customer expectation. Through Keefe Group, inmates enjoy the following services;

  • Footwear provision
  • Financial services
  • Beauty Supplies
  • Snacks supplies
  • Prison Management System
  • Money sending to recipients
  • Video visitation services
  • Inmate Management Systems

According to Mr. Jackson Jambalaya,, a news commentary in the Mississippi area, the Keefe Group signed a contract with the MDOC through the Keefe Commissary Network. The contract commenced on November 5, 2008, with several renewals over the years. In 2011, the contract was renewed and will expire on 31 August 2015. Keefe Group paid a commission of 29.4 % to the state-operated sales authorities within correctional facilities to seal the deal. Keefe Group subtracted 10% of all the sales made through visitation bags. The contracts were signed and sealed by Chris Epps, the then Prison Commissioner. According to the contract, Keefe Group was responsible for;

  • Inmate’s deposits processing
  • Prepaid debit cards trade and prisoners trust funds processing
  • Total rights to market MP3 players to prisoners
  • Full rights to market music download at lower prices to prisoners
  • Exclusive rights to sell commissary items like food, personal sanitary products, and tobacco.

Cecil McCrory was the owner of G.T Enterprises before it was sold to Keefe Group in 2008. The MDOC Deal commenced on June 1st, 2006 after its amendment in 2007 to allow GT Enterprise to trade commissary items at the Walnut Grove Youth Prison. To read more about the company, visit the Tampa Bay Times website.



Global Tel-Link Hopes new Inmate Telephone Platform will Bring Families Closer

There are two big corporations that lead the inmate communication industry; one company is Global Tel-Link and the other is Securus. Global Tel-Link is the one celebrating a milestone in the industry at the moment since it just released its new inmate communication platform. Securus released its platform a while back, but Global Tel-Link wanted to workout all the possible issues in BETA before actually releasing the system to its customers.


This was something that Global Tel-Link wanted to do for its customers for a very long time. Eric Gonzales, who is the company’s Executive Director of Product Management for Inmate Telephones at GTL was the spokesperson for this release.


He expressed his joy and the company’s excitement over the release while also stating the following:


“Today people expect to be able to access everything on a smartphone or a tablet, whether it’s shopping, banking, trading stocks, or even setting their thermostat. Now our corrections customers can operate and administer our inmate phone system from any location with any wireless device and have all of the same security they expect when accessing our system from within their facility.”


It seems like Global Tel-Link understood the growing hunger customers had for their services and needed to upgrade. Most businesses are taking advantage of the digital age. Everyone uses smart devices to communicate with loved ones. It is cost-effective and simply more accessible.


This new platform is set to take the entire industry by storm. Families are excited to talk to their loved ones using VoIP services or through video chats that will only help them feel closer to each other. Global Tel-Link hopes that this will encourage more families to stay connected and that it will aid in the overall rehabilitation of the inmates in the prisons where these individuals reside.


Since 1975 The Keefe Group Has Been Making Innovations In The Correctional Market

Since back in 1975, when the Keefe Group first opened for business, they have been expanding on their services and their size as a company. As such, today they have business locations spread out across several states in the United States, along with many centers for distribution their goods and services from. They offer a great many different products for their clients, including services for communication, banking, payments, voicemail, and more. They also offer a large variety of different goods for correctional facilities, such as different foods and clothing. When it comes to the correctional market though, communication is typically their most sought after service today.

The Keefe Group is a big corporation by STL Today‘s standards, and that is largely due to the fact that it is a multi-company corporation, in that several different businesses are collaborating to form the Keefe Group, such as Access Corrections, Advanced Technologies, IC Solutions, and more. These companies provide the leading services for the correctional market together, but individually they simply focus on individual aspects of the industry, so they can produce a better and more precise product.

With decades of knowledge and expertise in the industry, Prison Censorship website says the Keefe Group has secured their position as a leader in the market today, and they have continued plans for expansion as well. Thanks to their many innovations and standard changes to the industry over the years, they have made a big reputation for themselves as a group and for the individual companies. As technology continues to develop in the future, so too will the Keefe Group’s systems and software’s, which are what enable them to do so much in the correctional industry today. Without their KeepTrack system, they wouldn’t be able to monitor and keep track of all of their clients information at facilities around the country. For more precise details on the Keefe Group and what they have to offer.


The Keefe Group Has Built A Reputation Of Reliability And Professionalism

Inmate or not, solitude is a difficult thing for any person to deal with over extended periods of time. Not being able to talked to loved ones, such as children, for years at a time, or longer, can be a hard thing to bear. This is why the Keefe Group is highly regarded for the communication services they provide their clients with, as it allows them to stay more connected to their friends and family on the outside. The Keefe Group has been developing their services for the past 4 decades, supplying correctional facilities all over the country. The extra communication services, especially video visits, goes a long way in helping the staff at these facilities as well, since no manpower is needed to oversee visitations.

The Keefe Group originally started as the Keefe Supply company in 1975, and according to have since expanded into a large corporation with the help of partnered companies all working together to form the Keefe Group. With their many distribution centers and officers spread out around the country, they are capable of providing goods and services to pretty much all prisons and correctional facilities without much issue. Recidivism is also effected by the extra communication services available today.

The Keefe Groups methods and systems have been able to grow and upgrade along with the ever and rapid developing technology over the years. Their software, such as KeepTrack, allows them to record and access all the information they need on every inmate or client they have around the country. This software offers many suites for them to manage billing and payments, banking, calling, voice mails, and much more for their clients. This has gone a long way in keeping them at the top of the correctional market.

The Keefe Group has managed to bring many innovations to the field today, and with their level of professionalism and reliability, they have maintained good relations and do not stur up trouble during their deliveries or services. In the coming years, the Keefe Group will continue to expand and maintain their leading position on the market.

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The Keefe Group and Its Inmate Call Services

As someone who has worked in the prison and jail industries, I have noticed that keeping in contact between loved ones and inmates has always been a problem. It can cause a lot of issues and can also be a problem for inmate mental well-being. This is because of the fact that inmates need to be in contact with their loved ones to know that they are still cared for and that their belongings, home and pets are cared for while they are in the system.

One of the best technologies I have seen implemented into inmate life has been the Keefe Group call services. According to PrisonCensorship, the Keefe Group has made a technology that enables inmates to be in contact with their loved ones who may not be able to get to the jail or prison where they are. This is ideal for inmates who are in establishments across the country and far away from where a person would be able to visit them. This includes having video conversations and being able to see the loved ones over a phone on a computer in the jail or prison.

I have personally seen this type of technology being used and have been amazed at how beneficial it has been for everyone who is involved. It enables anyone to keep in contact with their loved ones and it is all thanks to the Keefe Group. I have never seen anything like it before and know that this is going to be the brand new technology that a lot of the jails and prisons across the country are going to be using for their own needs. Visiting the Keefe Group website will give anyone more information on what can be expected when using this type of technology for families or inmates.



Recap of Keefe Group

Keefe Group is made up of six business units namely Keefe Supply Company, Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary Network, Crawford Supply, Access Solutions and access catalog. This company is regarded as the leading supplier of personal care products, electronics, food products, clothing, shoes telecommunications and technology to the correctional market. Currently, Keefe Group has made improvements in its services by offering over 5000 name brands as well as private label products that range from personal care products to snack food items, radios, televisions and athletic shoes among others. Since its establishment in 1975, Keefe Group has managed to set a good pace and standard for clients through the customer services provided and ensuring perfect satisfaction is achieved.

What This Firm Offers

This company has made changes on products in terms of packaging and development due to the evolution of technology from time to time. adds that since customers’ needs tend to change, Keefe Group has been on the lookout by providing direct response to all needs of customers within the correctional market. The main objective of this great company is to do deliver innovative products and solutions to the corrections industry. Customers are also provided with unparalleled services since this company’s sole focus is corrections. Despite the size of your facility, Keefe always offers price stability, on bulk orders, disaster recovery, nationwide distribution network and same day shipping services among others.


Keefe Group plays a very critical role in making the vision of most clients turn to a reality. The team of professionals in Keefe Group is encouraged to not only look at this company as a place of work but also a place to build career and great talents. All employees are valued and in this way, the company has managed to make investments both in professional and personal growth of employees thus making good progress.



San Diego Strikes Against Prison Cooperations

What does being an inmate at a correctional facility mean? Being a prison inmate means living in a place plagued with dangerous narcotics, and receiving inadequate medical care. Let’s not forget that even though you may be bombarded with thousands of inmates more dangerous than yourself, you’ll have minimal protection due to limited staff members with inadequate training. To some activists, placing someone in a privatized prison facility is inhumane beyond belief.

Although prison facilities have extremely unfavorable conditions, inmates in San Diego are fortunate enough to have activists who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure human rights in prison. The activists will take a stand against overcrowding in prisons, demand a higher officer to inmate ratio, ask law makers to consider offering more inmate medical care, and bring to light improper training among staff. In order to receive attention from law makers, San Diego activists are going on a hunger strike which will begin July 5th.

While these goals are all meant to address pressing issues among United States correctional facilities, San Diego activists have an ultimately bigger goal. San Diego activists have noticed two correctional facilities in their neighborhoods. They are outraged that an industry with many horrors are so close to their schools, churches, and homes. Consequently, they want to stop the Corrections Cooperation of America from building more detention centers in their area.

The ambitious plans of these activists are much larger than changing prison conditions, and removing them from neighborhoods. Ultimately, the activists believe that privatizing correctional facilities is outrageous and they want all private prisons shutdown. These activists protest that the tax payer dollars being spent are severely misused, because the money is not used stop overcrowding or address the root cause of inmate incarceration and their rehabilitation into society.

Hunger Strike Being Organized in San Diego Against Private Prison